Civilization of ancient Kingdom of Shu
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Civilization of ancient Kingdom of Shu

Civilization of ancient Kingdom of Shu

Restricted by its geological situations and the laggard transportation in ancient times, Sichuan was a comparatively blocked area. Thus, Shiji (an ancient book about historical events) has few records about the origin and development of the early human civilization there. As we know, Sichuan had brilliant civilizations in history. However, our comprehension toward this region is mainly restricted to legends. The great poet Libai of the Tang Dynasty, wrote a poem Shu Dao Nan (describing the transportation hardship of the Shu), which properly and vividly pictured the region’s geological situation. Relics, such as the site of Sanxingdui in Guanghan and Jinsha Relic Site in Chengdu etc, have been successfully disentombed, which have unveiled the prosperous culture of ancient Shu kingdom.
The civilization of the ancient Shu not only shows a lot of distinctive characters from the contemporary civilization in the center of China, but also confirms the theory that the Chinese nation originated from many parts of the country. Furthermore, it has shown an obvious character of the culture of Western Asia, which could prove that Sichuan was one of the earliest regions which developed cultural communication with other regions. Finally, the development of civilization in the Shu Kingdom has greatly astounded the world.    

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