Folk-Custom of Qiang Nationality
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Folk-Custom of Qiang Nationality
Folk-Custom of Qiang Nationality

Qiang nationality, an ancient nationality which has an history of thousands of years, proclaims itself as “Erma”, “Ermai”, “Rima” or “Rimai’. Qiang nationality mainly scatters in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, county of Mao, Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County in Mianyang City, etc. Sichuan is the only one place where Qiang nationality gathers.
The top peculiarity of Qiang nationality’s religious belief is white-stone worship, which dates back to the period before the Qin Dynasty and lasts until today. In numerous sacrifices, the most frequent one is the pilgrimage to God of Heaven, and the most ceremonious one is the pilgrimage to God of Mountain. 
Qiang’s clothing has bright features. On clothes, there’s no difference of style between men and women. But on ornaments. people of Qiang nationality all wear linen gown, weaved by themselves, and sheepskin short gown outerwear. And they wrap scarf, wrap leg, and wear sash. Men don’t wear any decoration. However, women wear clothes with lace, or a club-shaped tiny silver adornment, and floriated sashes. They prefer silver earbobs, rings, pipes, and silver cards, etc. In addition, they always put on cuspidal shoes with embroidered cases, and its local name is “Yunyunjiao”.          
The marital custom of Qiang nationality is that a marriage must get permission from the mother first. The bride is usually older than the bridegroom. Marriages of cousinship are preferential. The bride always lives in her mother’s home for a year after the wedding. A fairly peculiar convention is people’s recognition toward remarriage of widow and they treat it equally. This is the remainder of the primitive social system in which the female is the head of the family.
All through the ages, Qiang nationality had a lot of communications with Han nationality. In lunar calendar, October 1st is the new years’ day for people of Qiang. On this day, all the people stop their jobs and gather with their family to celebrate the festival. And every family has to prepare a lot of offerings, which are flour-made cattle, sheep, chicken, etc, to make their pilgrimages to the God of heaven and family. Usually, people of Qiang will invite relatives and friends to dance “Guozhuang” and drink Zajiu (a traditional wine).  
Festivals and ceremonies with characteristics of Qiang nationality are numerous, such as the festival to celebrate someone that becomes an adult, and women’s day in May 5th.
The architecture of Qiang nationality is famous for its unique art form and consummate skill. Tthe stone building and the rope bridge are the most characteristics.

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