The Wenshu Temple
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The Wenshu Temple
The Wenshu Temple

Located in Wenshuyan Street, the Wenshu Temple is a famous Buddhist Temple in Sichuan Province, and one of the four key sites for Buddhism and under Provincial-level Protection. It has been more than 1300 years since it began to be built in Tang Dynasty with a name Xinxiang Temple at the beginning. In the 36th year of Emperor Kanxi's reign, it was renamed as the Wenshu Temple. The Emperor Kangxi has granted a plaque with his own scripture “Konglin” to the temple, hence it is also called the “Konglin Temple”.
The Wenshu Temple faces south and consists of the Heavy King Hall, the three- Bodhisattvas Hall, Main Shrine Hall, Sermon Hall, Scripture Tower with Bell Tower, wing-rooms, gardens on both sides. There are more than 100 figures of Buddha with different size made of bronze, iron, jade, stone and wood, among which the 15 gigantic bronze ones were made in the 7th year of Emporer Daoguan's reign. The temple also collects many valuable cultural relics including the Emperor Kanxi's scripture “Konglin”, Stele of “Haiyue Temple”, ten bronze statues of protective-gods of Song Dynasty, one piece of Buiddhist monk Xuanzang's head bone, cassock made by Tianfei, one of the Emperor Chongzhen's concubines in Ming Dynasty, the hair embroidery of Kwan-yin, Picture of Manjusri Bodhisattva made with Tiaosha technique , Statue of Buddha in white Burma jade, the Beiye Scripture in Sanskrit language, and Nanzang Scripture in Ming Dynasty. In 1988, the Peace Pagoda of thousand Buddha was built in the Temple. 

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