Art corridor in Deyang city
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Art corridor in Deyang city
Art corridor in Deyang city

Located on the west bank of Shangjing Lake in Deyang City, Long Art Corridor with 1040 meters in length and 7 meters high is composed of many constructions, including 35 arches having contacts with music in form, 32 posts of dragon in different shapes correlated with arches, Ri Yue show room, music hall and underpass, etc. There are 35 double-opened doors carved with images of 38 stories, such as the Chinese legend of the creation and delivering letters by Liu Yi, the name of the ancient Chinese, etc, and the large-scale stone engraving relieves, including Song of Life, Intelligent Light, Chinese Soul, Ox Door, post of twelve animal images representing name of years in Chinese tradition. Stone engraving with skills of relief, carve, round carving, combination structure with buildings and walls in various ways has reached the result of crossing over all times and spaces with the ingenious art form and demonstrating the glamour of extensive and profound Chinese culture.

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