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Sanxingdui Museum
Sanxingdui Museum

On diligent efforts by scholars of several generations since the first jade article was found in 1931, the research work of Sanxindui have made the rich achievement which has already verified the area of relic site up to 12 sq. km and the area of ancient city up to 3 sq. km.
The cultural tourist zone of ancient site of Sanxingdui with the planned construction area up to 22 k㎡. lies between the west circle in the site of Sanxingdui and Baoji-Chengdu Railway, and in the west of Guanghan that has enjoyed the reputation of ‘Pearl of Heavenly Kingdom’, 23 km from Chengdu, 19 km from Deyang City, which has been divided into two major parts: the cultural industry garden of relic site and the protection zone of Sanxingdui. In more senses than one, the discovery of Sanxingdui, the world’s great discovery in science and cultural history, has rewritten the Chinese civilized history by pushing the history of Shu civilization 2,000 years forwards and the relic site, being, so far, the prehistoric site of ancient culture remains with its way of the widest in area, the longest in time and the most abundant in culture information, has been praised as the important component of 'the source of Chinese civilization’. The culture of Sanxingdui, therefore, is the remarkable representative of the culture of the Changjiang River.
The discovery of the site of Sanxingdui has filled in a lot of blanks in China's archaeology, history study, bronze culture and bronze art history. So far, more than 4,000 premium historical relics have been excavated in Sanxingdui among which there are many invaluable articles, including the big vertical man image of bronze rated as the unparalleled ancient bronze statue in the world, the scepter of pure gold symbolizing Shu State's supreme head's identity and power at that time, the gold veil as thin as a piece of paper, the bronze tree with magical form and mysterious and weird bronze mask, etc, which have been regarded by the archaeological top professions in the world as the human culture fine works of “ having unique and the most mysterious nature” . In order to show the great discovery of the site of Sanxingdui to common people, the first and the second exhibition hall of museum of Sanxingdui have been sequentially opened for visitors so that a ecological museums group of taking up an area up to 35 hectares has been built up; at the same time, the beauty spot in the site having new for main mask cultural hall of exhibiting international masks has already been opened for visitors.
The Museum of Sanxingdui was successively chosen as one of ‘the ten finest exhibition works in the whole country’ and ‘4A’grade scenic spots, and passed‘ISO9001’ and ‘green 21 authentication round the world’ in 2003. Area of exhibition room of 7,000 ㎡ makes it jump to the large museum in the whole nation and even in the world. As one of five major fine works tourist zones in the Sichuan Province, the cultural tourist zone of ancient site of Sanxingdui has formed new pattern of China's historical cultural tour together with the Great Wall, the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses of Qin. With its mystery, uniqueness, exclusivist, interesting nature, property of participation, entertaining and primitive characteristics, Sanxingdui, one of the world-famous cultural tourist destination, has been constantly attracting visitors at home and abroad to look for their roots and visit ancient site as well as explore secrets. Consequently it is becoming a multi-functional international culture and tourism fine works in various aspects, including sightseeing, research, scientific and ancient culture exploration, amusement and holidays, board and lodging as a organic whole.

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