Ying Huashan Mountain in Shifang
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Ying Huashan Mountain in Shifang
Ying Huashan Mountain in Shifang

As the provincial scenic spot, Ying Huashan Mountain whose the highest peak is 3,160 meters above the sea altitude lies in the northwest of Shifang County and has been honored as ‘the heaven of wild plants' with alpine mountains, deep valleys and rampant plants covering 180 sq. km. There are various of rare plants, including Dove tree, ginkgo, California Redwood, nanmu and katsura tree, and hundreds kinds of beautiful flowers, including, cuckoo flower, heralding spring, camellia, lily and rough gentian, etc., and wild animals and rare birds, such as giant panda, snub-nosed monkey, blue and green monkey, Asiatic wild ass, gnu, roe-deer, deer, goat, wild chicken, sheep’s horn chicken and the horn pheasant of red belly, etc. In addition, the famous Swan Woods is formed by pine, China fir and cryptomeria covering nearly 8 k㎡. in the area. Exotic flowers and rare herbs various in kinds and many waterfalls, among which the most typical one is San Die Waterfall, scatter in the scenery spot. The Yinghua Mountain in terms of its fairness and clearness in air is a good place for visitors to appreciate many breathtaking scenery, such as Sun rise, sea of clouds, ‘holy light’, ‘halo of Buddha’ and fog sea.
There is a Western Jing Qi Happy Valley in the scenic spot, which is a good place for spending holidays.

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