New Year Picture Museum of Mianzhu
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New Year Picture Museum of Mianzhu
New Year Picture Museum of Mianzhu

‘New Year Picture of Mianzhu in China ', is the precious of the national and folk art of the country. In the nationaland folk art palace of China, it enjoys equal fame with three other celebrated fashions of New Year Picture, including ‘Yuanliuqing New Year Picture in Tianjin’, ‘Taohuawu New Year Picture of Suzhou’, ‘New Year Picture of Weifang in Shandong’. Which have been honored together as four most distinguished manufacturers of Chinese New Year Picture. In one sense, Mianzhu New Year Picture has established its distinctive fashion by graphically portraying folkways of wine in Mianyang where is the homevillage of Jiannanchun, one of the most famous brands of spirits in China, and was awarded as the authorized honor of 'the finest Chinese folk art' in 1992. The Museum of New Year Picture built up in 1996 has construction area of 6000 square meters with more than 6 M RMB investment and has, so far, become the best and largest museum of New Year Picture in China, which has a lot of functions connected with New Year Picture, such as research, collection and preservation, exhibition, production and management. With the campaign of implementing reform and opening-up policy in China, artists and painters of the New Year Picture Museum, have been devoted to the commercialization of the New Year picture works of art and developed such products as ‘ the New Year Picture in embroidering fashion’, ‘ New Year Picture of wood carving’,‘New Year Picture of stone carving’,‘ New Year Calendar with Picture’,‘scroll of New Year Picture’, etc. Consequently, one of embroidery Picture works ‘God of House’ won the gold award in 5th China Art Festival.

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