Fule Mountain Park
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Fule Mountain Park
Fule Mountain Park

Situated 2 km away from east of the city, Mountain Fule (Mountain Abundance and Enjoyment) is a new scenic spot that is distinctive both in garden architecture and in combining Three Kingdoms relics and natural landscape together. In the sixteenth year of Jian’an reign of Eastern Han Dynasty, upon Liubei's (the emperor of Shu Han in Three-Kingdom Period) coming to Sichuan, Liuzhang (the governor of Yizhou, today's Sichuan) invited him to the mountain. While enjoying the drinking, Liubei exclaimed: “How abundant today's enjoyment is!” Hence, the Mountain Abundance and Enjoyment was named.   
Fule Mountain enjoys high reputation for its height, extensiveness, elegance and gracefulness and was eulogized as the “First Mountain in Mianzhou”. The Scenic Spot is developed along the mountain range according to its natural geographic conditions. It was arranged as a traditional Chinese Garden in which mountain and water are two eminent elements and trees are used to express Chinese people's love for nature. It represents the gardening style of Ming and Qing Dynasty in Suzhou which combines the architecture and plants into a dynamic unity. More than 50 scenic spots have been built, among which the most famous are the “Yuzhou Garden”, “Mianzhou Stele Forest”, “Fule Pavilion”, and “Fule Hall”.   
The Fule Mountain Scenic Spot began to be rebuilt in 1987 initiated by the Construction Committee of Mianyang. With an designed area of 660 hectares, it has opened 80 hectares to the tourists and created 10 Scenic Spots including the Hanhuang Garden,Yizhou Garden, Mianzhou Stele Forest, Fule Tower, Leyuan Garden, Fule Hall, Fucheng Hall, Taoyuan Cave, Lengyuan Cave, Xuande Lake, Mingjing Lake, Biyun Cliff and other 100 sightseeing spots. There are also ten arboretums, namely the Peach Garden, Plum Garden, Pear Garden, Crabapple Garden, China Rose Garden, Bamboo Sea, Laurel Garden, Pine woods, Cherry Blossom Road, Bonsai Garden. The Scenic Spots are delicately arranged along the mountain and integrated the Three Kingdoms Culture and man-made spectacles into a whole. Walking in the gardens, you can appreciate different sceneries. It represents both loyal luxury and the simple gardening style in region of the lower Yangzi River. 

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