Qiqu Mountain National Forest Park
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Qiqu Mountain National Forest Park
Qiqu Mountain National Forest Park

Situated at the south end of the Cuiyun Corridor on the Shu Road, Qiqu Mountain boasts of its fascination and magnificence. The nearest point of Qiqu Mountain Park is 3 km away from the Zitong County and its farthest point is 20 km from Zitong County. The planned area is up to 2346 square km. Apart from the scenery of forest, it also has other attractions including the Cultural Scenery which consists of four key ancient elements, the ancient culture, path, building, and trees. The Wenchang Grand Temple which is the top temple of the same kind in China, the ancient pine woods as well as fascinating legends, the ancient battle site, historic stories, poems and prose  endow the park with more profound historical and cultural contents, and give its features of oldness, fascination, quietness and profundity.
The Qiqu Mountain is an ideal place for relaxation all year around where you can go excursion in spring, shun the hotness in summer, climb mountain in autumn and enjoy snow in winter. Wandering in the age-old pine woods, it is like entering a natural oxygen bar. The negative oxygen ion produced by the ancient pines will greatly benefit the human body by increasing the immunity, soothing the illness and the pressure, prolonging the youth and help them obtain longevity. 49 sightseeing spots scatter in this park, and 59 has been carefully planned. There are the Wenchang Great Temple, Guandi Temple, Baite Hall, Baizhang Tower, Laurel Hall, Fengdong Tower, Wenzu Hall, Jiaqing Hall, Yingmengxiantai Platform, Pantuo Rock, Shiyu Pavilion and Feixiaxian Cave etc.
The park is situated on Ancient Shu Road of Jianmen Pass in north of Sichuan, and is also near the suburb of Zitong County with Chuanshan Road running through the park. It is 57 km from Mianyang which is the West Electronic Industry City and 177 km from Chengdu. With the grand Jianmen Pass in north, the steepy Douchuan Mountain in west, the torrential Jialing River in east, the peaceful Qingcheng Mountain in south, it richly endowed by nature the abundant tourism resources and geographic advantages. 

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