Great Temple in Qiqu Mountain
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Great Temple in Qiqu Mountain
Great Temple in Qiqu Mountain   

Enjoying the fame as the “South Gate of Shu Road”, the Great Temple in Qiqu Mountain which is one of the Key Culture Relics under State-level Protection is magnificent in construction and was build in Jin Dynasty by local people as the “Yazi Ancestral Temple” to commemorate Zhang Yazi of Jin Dynasty who was conferred a title as the “Wenchang Dijun” in the early Yuan Dynasty. Later the Wenchang Palace was build and through several reconstructions during Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasty it has become a complete and majestic ancient building compound. It covers a total area of 12,000 km² including the Wenchang Palace and Guandi Temple and consists of 23 ancient buildings in different period, fully displaying the varied architecture styles from the Yuan Dynasty to the Republic of China (1912-1949). It provides precious information to the ancient architecture studies in China.      
The whole scenic area was covered by lush trees. It is an ideal recreational resort with fresh air, tranquil and peaceful environment and the fragrance of flowers. Situated in the “Cuiyun Corridor” of Zitong County, the Great Temple in Qiqu Mountain is the ancestral temple for Zhang Yazi in Jin Dynasty. It was arranged along the mountain side with large scale and it consists of 23 buildings of Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. The main Temples are the Baichi Tower, Laurel Hall, Tianzun Hall, Wenzu Hall, Fengdong Tower, Pantuo Hall, Guansheng Hall, Baite Hall, Qisheng Palace, Jiaqing Hall, etc. There are also the Ancient Shu Road, Ancient Wakou Pass, the site where Weizheng “converted to Buddhism” and the place visited once by the Emperor Tangminghang, as well as the site where Li Zicheng fought fiercely against Hong Chengchou. Through continuing rebuilding in Ming and Qing Dynasty, it has been constructed into the present scale with a construction area over 8,000 km², consisting of 23 main buildings including the towers, halls, and palaces, and covering an total area of 21 hectares.

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