Luofu Mountain -Baishui Lake Scenic Spot
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Luofu Mountain -Baishui Lake Scenic Spot
Luofu Mountain -Baishui Lake Scenic Spot   

Located in Anxian County, 80 km from the Miangyang city, the Luofu Mountain -Baishui Lake Scenic Area is a Province-level Scenic Spot, consisting of 3 parts: Luofu Mountain, Baishui Lake, Longquanli Palace with a total area of 67 square km.   
Luofu Mountain boasts of luxuriant plants, vast forest, beautiful landscape and the majestic mountain range. From east to west, the Jinping Twelve Peaks stand in sequence, piercing into the sky. It enjoys the reputation as“The running peaking is less than one chi (a old measurement in China) from the sky.” The famous scenic spots in the zone include the Luofu Mountain, the Wenjiang Stone Forest , the Qixian Cypress, Feiming Buddhist Temple. At the foot of the Jinping Twelve Peaks, there is the Site of the Capital City of Ancient Qiang Kingdom. The ancient Feiming Buddhist Temple was initially built in Tang Dynasty with primitive simple style. It is a holy place for the nearby pilgrims. The Wenjiang Stone Forest is composed of the conglomerate limestone and reveals a marvelous spectacle of nature. The Qixian Cypress with seven separate branches is the second large ancient cypress in China.   
Baishui Lake is crystal clear with a quiet and secluded surrounding. 23 islets are dotted in the lake representing different spectacles. With trees flourishing and ivies intertwining, it is a heaven of birds. The winding lake bank extends to the secluded part of the islets, providing many pleasant bays .Mallards , bitterns ,mandarin ducks and other water birds are flocking together to play in the water.    
The Longquanli Palace is the largest conglomerate cave in China with marvelous halls, winding paths, underground spring in it. You can appreciate the 200 million-year-old Trias sponge reefs in the site which can be called a rare geology spectacle. 

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