The Gaoshan National Forest Park
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The Gaoshan National Forest Park
The Gaoshan National Forest Park

Located in the west of the Yunxi Town, Yanting County, Gaoshan Mountain is also called the Fudai Mountain. With steep cliffs, exuberant plants and lush woods it reveals both the viciousness and the primitive simplicity of nature. Many literati in history had led a hermit life in mountain and left abundant cultural relics, age-old pavilions and towers. Many buildings are quite famous such as the Tanyun Temple where Du Fu lived; the Reading Platform of Zhaorui, a hermit in Tang Dynasty; the Tomb of Yan Zhen, a prime minister in Tang Dynasty; the Wenhuzhou Ancestral Temple in memorial of Wen Tong, who excelled in literature and calligraphy in Song Dynasty. Du Fu had highly praised the mountain with his poem saying “Seen afar from the road, Yanting is bounded by green mountains.”

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