Douchuan Mountain
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Douchuan Mountain

Douchuan Mountain   

Lying on the east bank of Fujiang River, 20 km to the north of Jiangyou City, the Douchuan Mountain, which is also named Chuan Mountain, has been listed No. 5 among the famous mountains in Sichuan, and wins reputation as “ you can't find an another place to compare with this No.1 mountain.” It was called the Yuanmen( monkey gate) Mountain because there were large number of monkeys and it takes a shape of a gate. Later, it was renamed after the bean- shaped cobbles on the mountain and its haystack-like shape seen from distance. And after that, according to the local tale, an officer of Zhangming County (within the territory of today's Jiangyou) in Tang Dynasty admired its peacefulness, majesty, and beautiful scenery and then abandoned his position to seek a hermit life there. When practicing austerities in the mountain, he rebuilt the iron chain bridge and established temples. Three years later, he finally completed his cultivation and threw himself down from the cliff, becoming immortal. Since then , people change the character “豆” into “窦”, which is the man's family name, to memorize him.    
The mountain enjoys particular renown for its extraordinary shape and sereneness of forests .Its scenery can, said by some visitors, rival the Qingcheng Mountain, and Mount E'mei. Yunyan Temple in the waist of the mountain as well as the Feitian Tower is listed in the Key Cultural Relics under State-level Protection in 1988. The Douchuan Mountain Gliding Club of Jiangyou City is the first gliding club in the southwest China and the Tuofeng Scenic Spot is the only Rock Climbing Base of the Sichuan Sports Association.    
Seen from distance, the Douchuan Mountain looks like a granary. But when you approach it, you will find it like a lion. It extends from south to north, 2.8 km in length, and 1.68 in width, with a total area of 4.7 km². It rises 1,140 m high above the sea level with a relative height of 540m. Three towering peaks on the top of the mountain rise up to nearly 100 meters above the ground.     On each peak, there is an ancient temple, namely the Dongyue, Douzhen and Luban Temple respectively. Only one of them can be approached by dangerous path and the other two are linked by suspending bridges made of two iron chains. Not far from the peak, locates Yunyan Temple, which was initially built in Tang Dynasty. It was damaged in the war in the late Ming Dynasty and was rebuilt in the 3rd year of the reign of Emperor Yongzheng(1725). The Feitian Tower is the Taoist scripture tower with a height of 1033m and a diameter of 75 m. It can rotate freely, hence it is also called “Zhuanlunjingcang” 28 scenic spots scatter in the area. The Yunyan Temple is a key Cultural Relic under State-level Protection; with a long history of more than 800 years, the Feitian Tower is beyond comparison in the world; the Chuanling Iron-chain Bridge is a marvel; the activity of gliding is thrilling and exciting; the ropeway is comfortable; the Peach Scenery Spot is elegant; the Emperor Corridor which collects 223 statues of emperors in different Dynasties tops the number one in China.  

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