Baitai Mountain in Wanyuan
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Baitai Mountain in Wanyuan
Baitai Mountain in Wanyuan

Located in Wanyuan, northeast of Sichuan, the Province-level Scenic Spot covers an area of 120 km² with four scenic spots such as the Batai Mountain, Longtan River, Baitangcang Valley, Tuoshan Mountain and other more than 100 sightseeing spots.
The highest peak of the Batai Mountain is 2,273 m, which offers an good place for the tourists to appreciate the sunrise, Clouds Sea, Buddha’s Halo and other natural spectacles. To overlook from the peak, the running green mountains, the steep cliff, the deep valleys and the flying birds give people a feeling of tranquility and mystery. The Longtan River runs rapidly at the foot of the mountain and gradually slows down outside the valley. It presents vast rustic scenes in this area, trees prospering and flowers blooming on both sides of the river, and paths crisscrossing in the fields. The famous “A bowl of water” is at the foot of the Batai Mountain. And in front of it, the “Duxiu Peak” with an age-old pine on its top towers from the ground and appalls people with its steepness. To been viewed at the sidewise, the profile of the Batai Mountain resembles a stone head looking down upon the lower mountains with dignity, which makes people gasp in admiration of the uncanny power of nature.
The Baitangcang Valley under the Goddess Peak is said to be a shelter for Xue Shu in the Three Kingdom Period. It is a dangerous valley with the narrow path zigzagging in it. Bellow the right peak, there is a big cave with a depth of several hundred meters. In the cave there are colorful rocks and a natural stone gate on the wall.

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