Stone Carving of “The Record of Tea Planting in the Ziyunping”
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Stone Carving of “The Record of Tea Planting in the Ziyunping”
Stone Carving of “The Record of Tea Planting in the Ziyunping” 

Farming has a long history in Wanyuan. The stone carving of “The Record of Tea Planting in the Ziyunping”( the history of it can be traced back to the 3rd  year of Daguan in Song Dynasty. The rubbing of it is collected by Zejiang Tea Museum) which records the earliest history of tea-planting was discovered in Sujiayan, Wanyuan. It was carved on a stone of 2.75 m high. The epigraph together with the inscriptions is 2.75 m in length and 0.84 m in width. It was carved as intaglio in regular script and was laid out vertically from left to right, with 8 cm high and 5 cm wide characters. There is 3 cm between every character and 7 cm between every line. It is the only site of the stone carving which records the tea planting that provides important information for studying the ancient agricultural cultivation.

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