The Baili Valley Scenic Spot
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The Baili Valley Scenic Spot
The Baili Valley Scenic Spot

110 km from the Xuanhan County, the province-level Baili Valley Scenic Spot locates on the northeast border of Xuanhan County, bordering the Chengkou County, Wanyuan County, Kaixian County. It consists of Baili Valley and Jiangkou Lake, taking up a total area of 105 square km.
The whole area extends over 65 km²., with an altitude of 452-2,148 m and a length of 140 km. The whole area can be called a master piece of nature with oddly-shaped mountains accompanied by clear running waters, peaks towering into the sky, narrow valleys flanked by steep cliff and Karsts caves dotted in those mountains. It is also the habitat of many rare animals and plants. There are ten sightseeing spots in the 150 km valley, that is the Beasts Gathering, Goddess Rock, Kwan-yin Cave, Nantian Gate, Two-dragon Waterfall, Old Huangshan Mountain, Rhinoceros Watching the Moon, A Thread of Sky, Panlong Cave and Crowing Roster.
The valley also boasts of its long history. A large number of cultural relics are distributed in this area, e.g. Fankuai stationed his army in this valley in late Qin Dynasty, and left the relics of General Terrace, Horse Race Girder, Horse Stake, and Narrow Passage, Stone-planked Road. Zhang Xianzhong and the Bailian Cult also left vestiges including the Qinglong Village, Dazhaizi Village. It used to be the former revolutionary base of the 4th Red Army and guerrillas in east of Sichuan. Many founders of China such as Xu Xiangqian, Wang Weizhou, Xu Shiyou, Chen Xilian, Zhang Ai’ping, Xiang Shouzhi all carried out revolutionary activities in this place.
Located in the skirt of the Xuanhan County, the Hukou Lake is a reservoir with Qianhe River, Houhe River and Zhouhe River joining together. It covers a total area of 20 square km with a containing volume of 320 million cubic meters. The standing green mountains reflected in the lake creates a beautiful painting of landscape. People may visit Clouds & Frost Village, Chichen’Nest Rock, Sankou Valley, Sandou Temple, White Crane Forest.

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