The Luojiaba Cultural Relic of Ba People
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The Luojiaba Cultural Relic of Ba People
The Luojiaba Cultural Relic of Ba People

The Luojiaba Cultural Relic of Ba People is the Cultural Relic under State-level Protection and it embodies the profound and glorious Ba culture. It is initially excavated in 1999 and consisted of 11 layers; the deepest one is 2.75 m deep. The age of the first unearthed cultural relics range from the New Stone Age to the East and West Han Dynasty, which win Luojiaba great fames to rival the Jinsha Relic and the Site of the Boat-shaped Coffins on the Shangye Road in Chengdu. In the second excavation, the ruins of the residential area and graveyard area with the total area up to 20 thousand square km including 24 ash pits, 23 tombs were discovered. These tombs reveals strong features of Ba People’s burial customs: they were well arranged narrow earth tombs facing southeast or northwest. The bodies in the tombs were all laid straightly and with faces upward, and the skeletons can still be seen clearly although the tombs had collapsed and damaged by the force of pressure. However, all the tombs belong to the middle late of Han Dynasty. The unearthed cultural relics show that the Ba people always choose the daily used tools, armors or utensils to bury with them. Bronze sword, spears, arrows were mainly found in men’s tombs while the spins , stringed binds and jade tub were discovered in women’s. According to brief statistics, 30 bronze wares, 40 potteries and several hundred broken pieces were first discovered in Luojiaba.

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