Yuwu Mountain in Dazhu
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Yuwu Mountain in Dazhu
Yuwu Mountain in Dazhu

Located at the northeast border of the Minzhu Village, Dazhu County, Yunwu Mountain is in the middle section of Huaying Mountain Range whose highest peak rises 1,190 m above the sea level. It is named after the lingering mist and clouds in this area, towering along with the Chaxiang Terrace of Tongluo Mountain and the peaks of Mingyue Mountain. The mountain is particular famous for various Karst landforms including the carbonate rocks, depressions, funnels and underground Karst caves. Many caves have already been explored, e.g. the 2,000 m deep Huxian Cave in Jiupan Village, White Dragon Cave in Jupan Temple, Dragon Cave in Yunwu Village and Saltpeter Cave in Gongqiao Village, etc. In addition, Yunwu Mountain also boasts of its precipitous cliffs, luxurious forests, and elegant landscape. The “Snow in West Mountain” is listed in the Top 8 Sceneries in Dazhu.
The Ancient Post Road in West Mountain and the Yunwu Temple are the famous cultural relics in the mountain. The former began to be built in Former Qin Dynaty, and completed in Three Kingdom Period. Since then, it has always been the main road that linked Chengdu to Hubei .The extant section with the stone –paved path, plank road, and bridges between the Yunwu Valley and the Yuwu Temple is 7,000 m long, 1.5m wide. People can appreciate the age-old Merits Momument, delicate murals, and exquisite stone carvings along the road. The nearby Relic of Ancient Village ( White Cloud Village) and caves dwelled by the ancient Ba People are endowed with profound culture and long history.
YunWu Temple situates on the top of Yunwu Mountain. It experienced renovations in recent years and had lost its primitive and simple styles. However, it still preserves some cultural relics. In addition, the tea produced in the Yunwu Mountain is quite famous.

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