Huaying Mountain Chain
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Huaying Mountain Chain
Huaying Mountain Chain

Huaying Mountain Chain is a scenery place of interest at 4A class, which is situated at the southeastern edge of Huaying City, and occupied an area of 80 km² in total. Forest coverage rate of the mountain reaches 80% with more than 1,000 plant varieties growing thriftily, which has gained the name of “Plant Gene Bank”; Huaying Mountain Chain is also a huge geology museum considered as the top one in basins, as it reveals 33 stratums since from the Cambrian Period. The scenic area takes verdant and dense mountain forest as its environmental style, and bases beautiful and fancy karst stones forest and limestone caves as its typical scenic representation. The stone forest in Huaying Mountain Chain has famed as “Big Natural Miniature Garden in China”. Huaying Mountain Chain is beautiful scenery area with natural scene and cultural sights, combining together beautiful peaks, fancy stones, Buddhism culture, natural pits, limestone caves, rurality, dense forest, slim bamboos, and relic of Guerrillas in Huaying Mountain Chain.

Baoding Peak

Lofty and grand Baoding Peak is the second highest peaks of Huaying Mountain Chain at an elevation of 1,590 m, stands at the summit of hills and mountain Chain, and provides a good place for visitors to view Clouds Sea, sunrise, Buddhist light and other marvellous spectacles. Baoding Peak has been a Buddhist sanctum since ancient times, keeps burning incense and temple fairs for over thousand years with a high reputation as the saying says “worship towards E’mei Mountain in the west and Baoding Peak in the east”. Visitors start to climb from Huanglong Temple on the mountainside of Baoding step by step which is said the number of steps is 9999 in total; pass by Bodao ridge, Baiyun Nunnery, Zhizi stream, Huayan Cave, Yubi Crag, Huanxi Ground, Sheshen Cliff, Xiansheng Crag and so on to get to Guangming Temple. Visitors can enjoy beautiful scenery along the way. 

Stone Forest

The Stone Forest is situated in the southwestern piedmont of Gaodeng Peak on the middle part of Huaying Mountain Chain. Shielding among green bamboos, the Stone Forest scatters on the hillside with an area over 10 km². The forest is composed of various anomalous limestones in the shape of bud, pole and screen, enchased among the bamboos and forest different from shape and form; and the stone in the forest appear in thousands of groups and clusters. Various stone groups seem to be engraved by the nature power, are simple, unsophisticated, interesting, grand and spectacular. Some stone sights are in the height of 2 ~ 3 m, and some are 5 ~ 10 m high. Stones in various shapes and forms, such as those named as “Couple Stone”, “myth elephant ploughing earth”, “ingenious writing”, and “love cabin” are remarkably true to life. And stones existing on the trees or trees growing on the stones are specially unique and fancy. Not far away from the Stone Forest, there is a limestone cave called “Houyi Cave” with different, good retained and fantastic limestone sights hiding in green bamboos, which is considered as a heaven cave on the earth.

Relic of Guerrillas Base in Huaying Mountain Chain

In the third and fourth decade of 20th Century, Huaying Mountain Chain is the base of Huaying underground Party organization of CPC (the Communist Part of China) and Huaying guerrillas for their armed struggles. Huaying Mountain Chain is full of heroic stories of revolutionary martyrs devoting their lives. A novel named 《The Red Crag》makes Huaying Mountain Chain known both in China and foreign countries, and the romaunt of “A Granny with Two Guns” is still on people’s lips all over China up to the present.

Metasequoia Villa

Metasequoia Villa lies in Yangtian Cote of Tianchi Town, Huaying City. The villa is located on the high mountain surrounding with a natural white oleanders and broadleaf forest and an artificial forest of firs and pony tail pines, and scatters some scenic points like metasequoia forest considered as “Plant living Fossil”, maple forest, Japan cedar forest, flowerage bamboos and small stone forest. Visitors can view snow in winter here, and spend a holiday away from hot weather in summer. The Metasequoia Villa contains a two-star hotel serving for tourists, bath area in the forest, peak field, entertainment facilities for children, and ball firing field, etc. The villa is convenient of transportation with complete serving facilities. Now it has been designated as a 2A state tourism place.

White Crane Cave

White Crane Cave is in Liuchi Fort of Xikou Town, Huaying City, which is 28 km away from Guang’an urban district. The sights in this cave are fantastic and dazing. “A Lotus Flower Appearing above the Water”, “Old Pine to Welcome Guests”, “Bridge and Stream”, “Perching Crane Listening to Spring Music”, “Benthal towards Sky”, “Hierarch in Deep Meditation” and other images are extremely lifelike. Especially in White Crane Hall, the view is more wonderful, stalactite sights are various in shapes distributing in the hall, some looks like supernatural beings meeting, some seem to be intellectual playing bamboo flute, some appear musician playing musical instrument. Crossing through the hall, there are singular scenes, such as “Hands Washing Pool”, “Mainstay”, “Graceful Music Corridor”, “Sounds of Nature”, “Splendid Setting Sun”, “Magpies Bridge Meeting”, and so on. There are nearly 50 branch caves in White Crane Hall, and more than 300 scenic points. In the stream a kind of fingerling can be found commonly called “Glass Fish”, and the viscera of which can be seen obviously. Since it has been opened up from 1998, the cave extends outwards 2.8 km. And some new sights like dragon palace, labyrinth, benthal world, the underground river and quiet pathway are developing now.


Tianchi lies at the Tianchi Town in Huaying Mountain Chain, which is over 6,000 meter in length and more than 2,000 meters in width. Tianchi Water is just green like a jade; it is circled by mountains, and has a little island in it with an area of about 20 hectares. Visitors may enjoy themselves when they travel on the island, float and paddle in river, look up to the blue sky, overlook green mountains and look down inverted reflection in water.

Anbing Family Tombs in Southern Song(1127-1279)

The Anbing Family Tombs in Southern Song(1127-1279)is located on the Jingran mountainside at the middle of Huaying Mountain Chain, which is a major cultural relic enjoying State-level protection. Till now, it is the tombs of Southern Song that is saved most completely, the governmental position for owner of it is the highest, tombs scale is the largest, and chamber imageries are the most beautiful and fancy in China. Several cultural relics come up out of land from Anbing Family Tombs, which are exquisite beyond compare, richness of culture and art content with very important value for literary history and tourism.

Grand Canyon in Huaying Mountain Chain

Grand Canyon in Huaying Mountain Chain lies in Majiawan of Longxugou Village, Ganba Town, and Linshui County. In the Grand Canyon, peaks are cragged, forest is flourishing, waterfalls are in a great number, limestone caves are densely covered, and the scenery is as beautiful as a drawing. The most famous scenic points in the district are Wangyue Chute, Yixiantian Fall, Linn from Tianxin Cave, Sujia Crag Sault, Heilong Cave, Huanglong Cave, Tianxin Cave, Chuanxin Cave, Qingxi Gorge, Luoshi Gorge and so on.

Luojiadong Forest Park

Luojiadong Forest Park is located in the middle of Huaying Mountain Chain, abuts on Metasequoia Villa. The park has been set up in 1997; its programming area is more than 230 hm² designated as a provincial level forest park. The height of Luojiadong Forest Park above sea level is about 1,000 m, and it is high and steep in terms of topography. Meanwhile, it also has abundant forest resources, numerous varieties for animals and plants, and has several fantastic and special views of scenery.

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