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Sancha Lake
Sancha Lake

Provincial Scenic Spot “Sancha Lake”, located on the Jiangxi River belonging to the Tuojiang River system in Sancha Town in the southwestern Jianyang City, is the second largest manmade lake in Sichuan Province which is 60 km from Chengdu. It is a scenic resort, centering on the Sancha Reservoir, functioning as an irrigation, environmental protection and tourism place. The Sancha Lake’s water-storage capacity reaches 223 million m³  stere and it is 240km in circumference, 18km in length from south to north, 7km in width from east to west and has a total area of 110 ㎡.
The main scenery district, Sancha Lake, surrounded by the lush trees, is elegant in configuration and has clear water with high visibility. At the widening of the lake, the surface is glittering with blue sky reflected on it. Boating on the zigzagging lake, you can see deep and quiet twisting waterways seemingly dense to the end but suddenly bright into open. At the southwestern lake there are many twists and turns while at the northwestern there are tier upon tier of hills. At the eastern bank, the 19 jade-belt-like causeways decorate the lake elegantly and beautifully. At the late winter and the early spring, thousands of water birds gather and fly up and down making the lake brimming with vitality and energy. In the lake there are densely studded islands and islets amounting to 113, making the lake “The manmade lake with the most islands and islets in Sichuan Province”. There are nearly 10 scenic spots mainly famous for islands, such as Swan Mountain Villa Flower Island, Moon Island, Birds Island, Beheading Dragon Island, Nvwa Stone and White Tiger etc.
Among the around-lake mountains there are beautiful, quiet and steep Danjing Mountain, Zhang Fei Camp, Qian Feng Temple, Three Emei, Ox Horn Village, Shidong Valley and ancient Stone Carving etc. The Sancha Lake Scenic Spot is characterized as crystal clear lake water, merging mountains and waters, and elegant islands and islets. With its agreeable climate and clearly demarcated seasons of the year, supplying with all sorts of services and facilities, the Sancha Lake Scenic Spot is an ideal place to travel, recuperate, spend holidays and have water sports in.

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