Chen Yi Memorial
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Chen Yi Memorial
Chen Yi Memorial

Chen Yi Memorial, located at the Zhenggouwan, Laodong Village, Lezhi County, is a Key Cultural Relic under Provincial-level Protection. It is the birth place of Chen Yi―the great revolutionary predecessor and elder statesman devoting himself to the founding of P.R. China. His former residence founded in the early year of Qianlong of Qing Dynasty and rebuilt to its original appearance in Aug, 1980, is a wood-structure tile-roofed house with triple main halls and a courtyard featuring central Sichuan residence style densely. In front of the Memorial there is a bronze standing statue of Chen Yi with the height of 2.6 meters. The Memorial including the green area contains 2.5 hectares. Pictures about Chen Yi’s stories and over 4,000 crticles things used by him in his life are exhibited in the Memorial, and poems, painting and calligraphy works to yearn for Chen Yi by domestic famous scholars and artists are collected as well.  
The famous plaque “Former Residence of Chen Yi” was written by Deng Xiaoping. The Memorial was built according to the style of Chen Yi’s Former Residence with the pictures, used things about his stories in life as well as the poems, paintings and calligraphies by domestic scholars and artists. The Chen Yi’s Former Residence and Chen Yi Memorial bring out the best in each other as an integrated unit. With the quiet and elegant environment full of pine trees and cypresses standing upright, the whole district is a good place for people to admire the predecessors with reverence and appreciate the characteristics of central Sichuan residences. Chen Yi’s Former Residence is 29.5km far from Lezhi County.

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