Famous Temple in Sichuan - Baoguo Temple
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Famous Temple in Sichuan - Baoguo Temple
Famous Temple in Sichuan - Baoguo Temple

The Baoguo Temple is a National Scenic Spot of 2A Level with over 50 hectares. Founded over 1400 years ago in 582 A.D. (The second year of the first Sui Emperor), the Spot is covered with green trees and sky-reaching ancient woods such as Thousand-year-old Banian Trees, Hundred-year-old Qinggang Trees and Chinese Pistache. With thick woods and quiet pathways, Baoguo Temple, one of the famous thousand-year-long ancient temples in Sichuan, enjoys the reputation of “the Famous Temple in Sichuan” and is well-known both at home and abroad. The Temple is located at the Jingui Mountain, Longmen Village, 20km northeast from the Lezhi County in Sichuan Province occupying over three hectares. The ancient one having been ruined, the present four Tang Dynasty style buildings were rebuilt by later generations.
Surrounded by green mountains, the Baoguo Temple is backed by the mountains and facing the waters, with the quiet environment, the lush and green woods and the odd and craggy stones. The thousand-year-old ancient trees, the remnant statue tablets from the Tang Dynasty, the kistvaens from the Song and Ming Dynasties, integrating the palaces, halls, pools, bridges, holes as well as the Rock Cave Statue in harmony, makes a spectacular wonder with twists and turns strewing at random.      
The Baoguo Temple is laid out elegantly with the inside deep and quiet halls and courtyards showing the mystery of the Buddha. The pagoda-shaped three-storey Scripture Hall, over 20 meters high, is of elegance and primitive simplicity with nodding eaves and cocked corners. The main gods oblated are the images of the Buddha and bodhisattvas like Laughing Buddha, Four Heaven-gods, Weituo Bodhisattva, Sakyamuni Buddha, Apothecary Buddha, Amitabha, Kwan-yin, Dizang Bodhisattva and the Eighteen Arhats, and nearly 60 images of the founders of a school of learning like Simo, Benkong, Liyu and etc. All these images are vivid and solemn. Famous for the gardens of the temples and religious culture, the temple has the following main scenic spots: the thousand-year-long Baoguo Temple, the Shanmen Hall, the Main Shrine Hall, the Scripture Hall, the Dizang Palace, the Bell Tower, the Praying Hall, the Eremite Tower, the Relaxing Court, the Buddhism Hall and the Peace Pagoda. 

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