Zigong Dinosaur Museum
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Zigong Dinosaur Museum
Zigong Dinosaur Museum

Zigong Dinosaur Museum is one of the top three famous dinosaur museums in the world having the same reputation with America State Dinosaurs Park and Canada Dinosaurs Park. The exterior shape of Zigong Dinosaur Museum looks like a huge crag cave, which is distinctive and beautiful in terms of sculpting. It is a big and professional locale museum constructed afterwards Xi’an Banpo Museum and Mausoleum of Qinshihuang’s Terracotta Sculpture Legion. It occupies an area of over 6 hm² with an exhibiting proportion of 3,600 m2. Zigong Dinosaur Museum is a tourism scenery region at 4A class and it is a national geologic park.
Exhibition Hall of Propagations in Dinosaurs Era
Exhibition Hall of Propagations in Dinosaurs Era introduces some plants and animals living in the corresponding era of dinosaurs in concentration. It is good for people to have a general cognition and understanding about dinosaurs and their living environment, which make the whole exhibition of dinosaurs more perfect and better appeal.
Exhibition Hall of Exemplars
At present, the hall comes out with 18 famous dinosaurs’ bone frames of Zigong. These 18 dinosaurs were all “aboriginals” living in Zigong that is considered as a prehistoric sanctum. Among them, 10 dinosaurs’ bone frames have been found in the “Dinosaurs Cemetery” of Dashanpu, which is a mine abundant with fossils of plants and animals living in Medieval Jurassic Period one hundred and sixty million years ago, and is a good former for a special period in biologic evolvement circle on the earth. According to these dinosaurs’ living rules and physiological characteristics, these bone frames are set up as “Sculpture” groups with some living scenario. Consequently, the simple bone frames exhibition reveals profound scientific connotation and forceful art enchantment.
Embedding Locale of Dinosaurs Fossils
Embedding Locale of Dinosaurs Fossils is a very rare and costful fossils site remaining in the basement under “Fossil Embedding Hall” and “Central Hall” of Zigong Dinosaurs Museum. The site occupies about 1,500 m2 in total that is the largest fossils embedding site for view in the world currently, and it lays out singularity and creation of nature to people. In this grand fossils embedding site, a great deal of ancient amniote fossils scatter all round, most of which are dinosaurs living in Medieval Jurassic Period one hundred and sixty million years ago. This sublime locale is just an epitome of “Dinosaurs Cemetery” of Dashanpu in grand scale, and it is the most attractive part and the support of exhibition in this museum. The ancient livings fossils site in Zigong City is listed in《Primary Records of World Geographic Site》of UN. However, it is just a small part of vast “Dinosaurs Cemetery” in Dashanpu. As the perambulation results, the stratum distributing area containing dinosaurs’ fossils may reach 300,000 m2, and the proportion of first class fossils enriching region is about 10,000 m2.
Since 1979, people have excavated an area of 2,800 m2 in the grand fossils embedding site, and have sorted out more than 200 units of fossils materials. Most of these fossils materials are that of dinosaurs, the rest are fossils of pterosaurs, plesiosaurs, tortoises, crocodiles, amphibians, reptiles of similar mammalia and fishes, etc. Moreover, the variety of dinosaurs is plenty. Dinosaur fossils of lizard feet species is in a large number of more than 100 unit materials; the rest are fossils of beast feet species, stegosaurus and bird feet species. Those stone frames are fossils of both grown-up dinosaurs and growing ones, the big one can reach 20 m and the small one is only 1.4 m long. As to their food chains, some ate plants, some ate animals and some ate both plants and animals. The abundant ancient fauna composed by these has more important scientific value than that of a single point of dinosaurs’ fossils by all appearances.
Treasures Hall
Zigong is famous all over the world not only for its great amount of dinosaurs’ fossils and complete species, but also for its excellent conservation for those fossils. In these fossils materials, several exemplars belong to “the only existing samples” and treasures of world class. Setting out in the “Treasures Hall” concentratively, they are grandiose and acclaimed as the peak of perfection. Taibai Dragons of Huayang discovered in the Dashanpu dinosaurs’ fossils group, is so far the earliest kind of stegosaurus in terms of subsistence era.

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