Chinese Lantern Museum
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Chinese Lantern Museum
Chinese Lantern Museum

Chinese Lantern Museum is situated in Lantern Park of Zigong City occupied an area of 2.2 ha, and its total proportion is 6,375 m2 in terms of architecture. The museum is composed by Front Hall, Lantern History Hall, Folk Custom Lantern Hall and Zigong Lantern Treasures Hall. These exhibiting halls are set up layer by layer in depth distributed with originality and abundant with rich and colorful lanterns. Chinese Lantern Museum includes the lantern history and culture from Paleolith period to time of The Republic of China (1911 - 1949) and some literatures about the lantern history. In addition, the museum keeps distinctive lanterns of some cities in China and special ones from foreign countries, and displays the treasures of all previous lantern festival.
Chinese Lantern Museum is set up with the approval of China Cultural Relic Administration,and it is a professional organization engaging in collecting, protecting, studying and displaying for lantern culture. Up to the present, Chinese Lantern Museum is the unique professional museum in lantern culture not only in China but also in the world. With distinctive construction style, massy and rich exhibiting contents, the museum gains much praises from tourists, are reputed as one of the “Three Wonders” of Zigong City. Chinese Lantern Museum is designated as one of “Top Fifty Tourism Places in Sichuan” and a scenery region (point) at 3A of state level.  
Zigong Lantern Treasures Hall
Zigong Lantern Treasures Hall sets out 13 groups of rewarded lantern treasures of all previous lantern festival which win universal praise, such as lantern group named《Water Lily Fairy》controlled by computer, prepared lantern group named《Flying Dragon and Dancing Phoenix》made of pods, the lantern group named《Peacock’s Tail Spreading》make of several enlaced drug bottles and so on. The lanterns are divided into treasures lantern groups, arts and crafts lanterns and other lantern groups. The treasures lantern groups are various in class, some express traditional topics such as Carp Springing over Longmen, Kwan-yin with Thousands of Hands and Eyes, Tengfei Gate, Peacock’s Tail Spreading, Auspicious Gate, Dragons Paddling, Mirage, the Temple of Heaven, Facial Makeups of Three Kingdoms, Folded Palace Lantern, Buddha with Four Sides. Others represent times features just as I am Coming, World Cup, Century Holy Light, and Olympic Flame. In addition, the rests relate to fairy tales, such as Jack and the Old Man, Wedding of Mice, Crystal Gate, Girl from Spiral Shell…
Folk Custom Lantern Hall
The hall is composed by three parts including Chinese Lantern District, Folk Custom and Lantern and Oversea Lantern District. There display lantern groups named《Lantern of Phoenix Boat》,《Lantern of Mother and Son》and《Chekiang Lantern》from Suzhou, dragon made by many lanterns from Tongliang of Chongqing, Peking Art Lantern of the Imperial Palace, nine zigs dragon lantern of Yellow River from central plane region, flowing river lantern which is popular in Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan Provinces, Wuxiang Top Lantern from Shanxi and burning lantern from Tibet. Meanwhile, the hall also keeps many lanterns from US, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Japan and other foreign countries to take part in previous Zigong International Lantern Festivals; and a great deal of lanterns donated by friends overseas.

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