Yuchan Mountain
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Yuchan Mountain
Yuchan Mountain

Mt. Yuchan is especially famous for its deep mountains and unique stones. The scenes nearly is as beautiful as Mt. Emei. Mt.Yuchan was among the first 2A Class Tourist Zone in 2002. It lies in Fuji Town, Lu County, 35 km. north of Luzhou City.  Ancient Yuchan Gate is one of the most important gateways to the ancient Sichuan-Yunnan Post Road and Sichuan-Guizhou Post Road Mt.Yuchan has a forest of 360 ha of forest covering, and got its name because of its similarity to a toad in the outline of the mountain. Mt.Yuchanhas been famous in the South Sichuan area for its peaceful hills,unique stones,good views of water and abundant cultural relic and was praised as “Pearl of South Sichuan” by General Zhang Aiping.   
Mt. Yuchan, in history, used to be a prestigious mountain of Buddhism. According to historic references, ever since 2nd year of Jingtong period of Tang Dynasty, there has built a Yuantong Temple on the mountain. Every year in the grand get-together for the Goddess of Mercy, pilgrims from various locations of South Sichuan come here to worship the goddess, reading the sutra and performing ceremonies. What a splendid occasion! Therefore Mt.Yuchanalso has a reputation of “Little Holy Peak”. Nowadays, there still remain traces of Yuchan Mt.’s past glory. Huang Tingjian(also known as Shangu), a great writer and calligrapher of Song Dynasty, has left the writing of the two characters of “Toad on the moon”; Yang Shen(also known as Sheng’an) who got the 1st prize in the national test of ancient China, wrote “Jin’ao Feng”in a cursive style. In the Qing Dynasty, a lot of temples were built there. Temples inside Luohan Street looked so magnificent. Bells in the morning and dawn, hovering scent from ceremonies, crowding pilgrims and grand ceremonies are amazing. During Tongzhi Governance in the Qing Dynasty,all the ancient architecture was destroyed in a big fire but until today, the 400 Buddhist Carvings and Moyan Statues on the ruins of Yuantong Temple which had survived in that fire are still attracting people of this era. Content of the carvings descent from the Ming Dynasty concentrated on Buddhism legends and folk tales. Every character of the carvings shows different expressions and has a unique style among which, Qianshou Guanyin, Jiulongyu Prince, Wudao Picture and 18 Monks Piaohai Picture were fine works of the art of carving. In recent years, a series of large-scale relief of the Chinese painting “Picture of Vagrants” by the great artist Jiang Zhaohe settled in Mt.Yuchanand added new glamour to the old Yuchan.
Tourist attractions of Yuchan include 8 sites: Longnao Bridge, Ancient Yuchan Gateway, Yuchan Cong Cui, Chan Wang Shuang He, Chuan Shan Xia Shi, Xian Ren Tui Mo, Ming Feng Chao Yang, Jing Shi Feng Dong, Fei Long Chu Dong, Long Chi Bi Bo.

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