Bao’en Tower
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Bao’en Tower
Bao’en Tower

The ancient tower constructed in the center of the city has a feature of “Seeking serenity in the crowd”. It was erected in Shaoxing 18th of South Song Dynasty (AD 1148) and was repaired during Ming Hongzhi Governance, Qing Guangxu 4th and in 1985. The tower opens to the east and was erected by bricks and stones. The double eaves are a 7 –storeyed attic and is 33.2 meters tall. The tower is an octagon shape and becomes smaller as it goes higher. 107 steps of pathways circles from the tower center to the peak. Inside the tower, there are 90 niches of, that is, 256 high relief figure which have smooth outlines and look like real. The tower base is an octagon shape, the sides of which are 4.1 meters long and the height 4.5 meters。 Under the eave,there are wood simulating arches built by bricks. Under the 2nd and 3rd eave, there are statues of birds and animals which are well preserved. The tower was built by Hunan Anfushi (a title of the government official) Feng Ji in memory of her mother. Bao’en Tower is a provincial relic preserve unit.

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