Shrine of Buddhism in South Sichuan - Mt. Fangshan
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Shrine of Buddhism in South Sichuan - Mt. Fangshan
Shrine of Buddhism in South Sichuan - Mt. Fangshan

20 kilometers south of Luzhou City, Mt. Fang enjoy a reputation of “Little Mt. Emei” because of its dense vegetation and graceful peaks. According to records, every year on the grand meeting of the Goddess of Mercy, pilgrims’ flows to this spot and at best times, there can be 30,000 or 40,000 pilgrims and travelers within a day. A precious bead is stored up inside the temple. When illuminated by candles, inside the bead there will appear 24 “Golden Buddha Statues”。 Its fine carving is astonishing and attracts thousands of travelers.
Mt. Fang enjoys the reputation of “Little E’mei” or “Little Zhongnan”. It’s very unique in that it’s a combination of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. It’s the pioneer of China’s Buddhism reform and the only “Black-faced Goddess of Mercy” of China’s Buddhism world. There are still many ruins and legends about Emperor Jianwen(Zhu Yun Wen), grandson of Zhu Yuanzhang. The dense vegetation, graceful peaks, rosy clouds, lake bright as a mirror, limpid crooks, flying waterfalls and a variety of plants. Scenic spots include Talin, Yunfeng Mt., Xinfeng Rock, Bodao Ling and Tianchi. The mountain was named after its square shape has a reputation of “Mastering natural beauty of Mountain ”.Mt. Fang wasf found in Tang Dynanty and prospered in Qing Dynasty . There are 48 temples left, of which 6 are well preserved, covering a 5,300 m2 of area. Bodao Ling is the highest peak of Mt. Fang。 It’s quite steep and looks like a dish knife. Anyway it’s a best location for viewing the sea of clouds.

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