Fobao Scenic zone
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Fobao Scenic zone
Fobao Scenic zone

Southeast of Hejiang County, it’s the tail of the northward extension of the northern Mt. Dalou of Guizhou Plateau. It lies between 28°52'~28°28'north latitude,106°1'~106°23' east longitude。 It runs 17 km from east to west, 34 km. from south to north. It has a forest coverage of 629 km2. including 40,000 ha of primeval forest and over 8,000 ha of Phyllostachys pubescens Maze forest. The Scenic zone covers an area of 380 km2., including the three main zones of Mt. Yulan, Tiantang Damm Zihuai and 10 scenic sites of Zhuhai Qiuse, Pinghuai Yingyue, Sanyuan Ancient Stockaded village, Dongping Cliffside Waterfall, Lianhua Peculiar Rock, Hongqiao Qongyin, Ancient Fort Dawn and Jianmen Cliff. Inside the scenic zone, there are vast forests, ancient trees reaching to the sky, chain of mountains rising and falling and streams running on the surface. The scenic zone is of 3A class and is a great summer resort.   
Fobao Scenic zone is at the hinterland of the two scenic zones of Chongqing Jiangjin Mt. Simian and Guizhou Chishui City and constitutes the largest golden triangle of Sichuan-Guizhou-Chongqing eco-travel zone and is at the core area of this golden triangle.
Fobao Scenic zone contains abundant and unique tourist resources. It carries a magical beauty and natural glamour which is rarely seen even in the world and is reputed as “Forest Paradise, Treasure-house of species, Treasure of Scenery, Great Travel Resort”. Various landscapes combined together enhance each other’s beauty.

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