Beacon Hill Scenic Zone
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Beacon Hill Scenic Zone
Beacon Hill Scenic Zone

Beacon Hill is in the Hejiang County of Luzhou City, South Sichuan and covers an area of 560 ha. Its forest coverage rate is 68.2%. The hill has a typical Danxia Landform and a unique and beautiful landscape.
The major peak of Beacon Hill is 698m above sea level. The three peaks stand side by side and look like a brush rack. Surrounding the hill, the Long River, Red Water River and Xishui Tiver flows by, with precipices around. On the hill, there are ancient trees reaching to the sky and phyllostachys pubescens (a kind of bamboo) demonstrating their greenness. Scenic spots include Bijia Lianyun, River Viewing Front, Xianren Cavern, Jiulian Cavern, Shaidan Rock, Nianjing Rock, Feixian Pavilion, Luogong Pavilion, Liangjiang Pavilion, Xizhao Pavilion and so on.
“The fame of a mountain doesn’t lie in its height, but in whether there are traces of celestial beings.” There are numerous relics from past celebrities on the hill, forming a profound historic heritage. In the Sui Dynasty, Liu Zhen from Mianzhu practised austerities here and finally “step on the celestial being”; Sui Wen Emperor issued an imperial edict to construct three temples; Tang Gao Emperor Li Zhi once sent messengers here to fetch sultra and bell and also issued an edict to establish Yanzhen Temple;Su Shi and Huang Tingjian, poets of Song Dynasty once traveled here and left charming poems; there were also numerous steles with autography by General Zhu De,Zhang Aiping, Lu Dingyi and other renowned calligraphers.

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