Chunqiu Temple
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Chunqiu Temple
Chunqiu Temple

Chunqiu Temple was established in Guangxu 26th of Qing Dynansty(AD1900). The Temple seats in the south facing the north and has an area of 2,500 m2. It was established on the ruins of Guandi Temple at the cost of salt merchants of Shanxi and Shanxi province who raised a large sum of money for the construction of the temple. It also serves as a local association. However it was constructed mainly in memory of Guanyu who enjoyed reading “Chuanqiu Zuoshi Biography”. Therefore the temple got the name of “Chunqiu Temple”.
The overall architecture of Chunqiu Temple is particularly renowned for its excellent expertise in the art of wood-carving. On the surface of muntins, head still and stone foundation , irrespective of stone or wood, there are carvings of historic stories, mythology legends, flowers, birds and animals as well as countryside sceneries, involving skills such as round carving, relief and fretwork carving and they are so exquisite. The objects seem very vivid and have a great sense in picture composition. Among the carvings, “Window of Hundreds of Birds” and “8 Sceneries of Xuyong County” are the best. “Window of Hundreds of Birds” is 8 carved windows set in the front wall of the hall. In the windows there are 100 magpies of different postures, matched with plum branches and blossoms. “8 Sceneries of Xuyong County” are carved on 8 boards on the staircases on both sides of the stage. Using the skill of drawing from the nature, the masters of craft carves 8 scenes including Wanshou Chaoxia, Shuangqiao Yeyue, Tielu Wanzhao, Dingshui Xiaozhong, Hongyan Jixue, Manling Tengyun, Baozhu Chuntiao and Liusha Xuanlian, matched with corresponding poems.

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