Cuiping Mountain
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Cuiping Mountain
Cuiping Mountain

Located at the northwest of Yibin ,Cuiping Mountain is 507 m high, boasting of its loftiness and flourishing green trees. It is said that “The mountain is evergreen in every season and looks like a screen”, and that is where its present name came from. Cuiping Mountain is connected with Zhenwu Mountain with flourishing trees. It is the biggest Forest Park situated in the urban area in Sichuan Province.
There are stone steps in front of the mountain winding to the top from all directions. There are green trees, vines and fragrant flowers on both sides. People can overlook the whole city of Yibin from the top of the mountain if it is sunny and clear. People can enjoy the famous “Three Pagodas of Xufu, namely Jiuzhou Pagoda, the White Pagoda and the Black Pagoda standing in distance. Besides “Nezha Palace”, “Qianfo Platform”- the stone carving of Tang Dynasty, “Zhao Yiman Memorial” commemorating the heroine in Anti-Japanese War, and the Eight Ancient Scenes in Yibin including “Bell Chiming in Cuiping Mountain in the afternoon”and “Footprint of Fairy Yugu”and other places of interest, there are also Sanjian Yilan Tower where people have a feast of the beauty of three rivers, Sanyou Pavilion, Baicao Garden, Shunan Tower, the zoo, and Bonsai Garden. There are also spring flowers exhibition and chrysanthemum exhibitions every year. There are more than 60,000 pots of flowers on exhibitions and 100,000 pots of flowers decorating the city, which makes Yibin, “the green pearl” more beautiful and shining.

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