Temple Compound in Zhenwu Mountian
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Temple Compound in Zhenwu Mountian
Temple Compound in Zhenwu Mountian

Zhenwu Mountain Temple Compound, which is a Key Cultural Relic under State-level Protection, is located in Zhenwu Mountain of Cuiping Area. It is connected with Cuiping Mountain and occupies an area of more than three hectares. It is a famous place of interest of Taoism. The three torii, “Toutianmen Gate”, “Ertianmen Gate”, “Santianmen Gate, and more than ten temples were built there in Ming and Qing Dynasties. The grand Zhenwu Mountain Temple Compound is made up of Xuanwu Palace, Zushi Palace, Wenchang Palace, Taizi Palace, Wuliang Palace, Wangjiang Tower, Xuanzu Hall, Doumu Palace and other temples.
The buildings in Zhenwu Mountain were mainly built in the Ming Dynasty and experienced many repair to form the present pattern, that is, large numbers of Taoist temples mingle with buildings of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. It has become a famous Taoist mountain in southern Sichuan. Connected with Cuiping Mountain, it got its present name from the Zhenwu Temple on the mountain. The mountain is also called Xianlv Mountain, Shilai Mountain, or Yuanwu Mountain; all have something to do with tales of meeting immortals. According to the chorography, there was a kind of herb in the mountain. Legend has it that a girl called Yugu found the herb and learned its usage by instruction of a fairy on the mountain. Later people named the herb “Xianmao” and offered it to the emperor as a tribute. According to the legend, the girl Yugu became a fairy at last. During the 11th year of Emperor Jiaqing’s reign in Ming Dynasty (1553), the magistrate of Xuzhou, Dan Shihao, built a pagoda there and named it “Yuxian Pagoda” to commemorate Fairy Yugu.
Twelve temples including Feilai Temple, Niuwang Temple, Banbian Temple, Yuxian Tower and other temples were built according to the natural geographical condition of Zhenwu Mountain, among which only eight of them still exist today. The existing buildings were mainly constructed in Ming Dynasty. The halls, towers, lanes, corridors, bridges, ponds, pavilions and platforms were well integrated together. Its main hall is Xuanzu Hall. The ancient temples were well-arranged according to the geographical condition of the mountain which can be compared with the temple compound on Qingcheng Mountain.
Towering 369 m high, there are flourishing and evergreen trees on the mountain which brings peerless beauty. Standing on the top of the mountain people can overlook the beautiful Jinsha River and Minjiang River which provide people with refreshment and relaxation.

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