Stone Sea and Cave Town (Shihaidongxiang Town)
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Stone Sea and Cave Town (Shihaidongxiang Town)
Stone Sea and Cave Town (Shihaidongxiang Town)

Located in Xingwen County in Yibin in Sichuan Province, Shihaidongxiang Town Scenic Spot covers an area of 121 square kilom with a central area of 14.6 square kilom. It is called “Shihaidongxiang Town”because stone forests and Karst caves are distributed in seventeen villages. It is one of the places with the best-developed Karst landform in China. The strangely shaped rocks on the ground are like Lu’nan Stone Forest in Yunnan; the caves underneath are like Ludi Maze in Guilin. There are seven stone forests including Seven-fairy Mountain, Cuiping Ancient Pagoda, Tianya Wangguiren, Two Lions Striving for Embroidered Ball, A Flock of Sheep, Shilin Diecui, etc.
There are stone cows, stone horses, stone lions, stone elephants, stone dragons, stone tigers, stone corals, stone lotuses, stone beauties, stone mushrooms and many other stone figures. The strangely shaped rocks and hills are very interesting like the Palace of the Dragon King. The Karst caves underneath are connected to each other in different ways. There are fish in the water in the caves. The sea of stones is one of the marvelous spectacles in the world, which along with the Bamboo Sea, Dinosaurs and Cliff Coffins are called the Four Wonders in South Sichuan.
All kinds of Karst landform on the earth can be found in the scenic area. “The Big Funnel of the Earth”, “The longest natural Karst cave- Tianquan Cave”, “The Biggest Rock Sea of the World”are the three important spots of the world-level Karst landform Scenic Spot. Xingwen County, where the scenic area is located and the dwelling place of the Miao Nationality in Sichuan, is also the place where all the Bo People were killed by the government in the year of Wanli in Ming Dynasty. The culture of Bo people and Miao Nationality are very fascinating. Some experts have commented that “JiuZhai is the best place to visit in northern Sichuan,and the sea of stones is the best place to visit in southern Sichuan”. The scenic area was listed in National Key Scenic Spots in China by the State Department in May of 2002 and became a National Geologic Park in January of 2004.

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