The Green Bamboo Sea in Shunan Nature Preservation Zone
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The Green Bamboo Sea in Shunan Nature Preservation Zone
The Green Bamboo Sea in Shunan Nature Preservation Zone

Most part of the Green Bamboo Sea in Shunan is located 20 kilom away to the south of Changning County. The scenic spot is a sea of bamboos with green bamboos all year round, which is rare in China. Huang Tingjian, a poet in Northern Song Dynasty, was so impressed by the scene that he commented, “The waves of the bamboo spread to thousands of miles, which inebriates me like good wine”. Legend has it that he used a broom as a pen and wrote three huge characters, “Wan Ling Jing”on the Huangsan Stone.
The Bamboo Sea has already been listed in the best scenic spots in China. And another three new scenic spots like“Guabang Rock” are developed. With authorization of the State Department, the Bamboo Sea has formally become the first National Nature Preservation Zone mainly for protecting bamboo ecosystem. The nature preservation zone has the biggest natural bamboo ecosystem in China, which is also rare in the world. Clumping, Running and Mixing Bamboos are distributed in the zone. The special types of bamboo are Cifang Bamboo, Qiong Bamboo, Ci Bamboo and other types of ancient bamboo in the 1,300 square meter primitive jungles. An ecosystem of various plants has formed. There are 1,345 kinds of senior plants, 369 kinds of vertebrate animals, 260 kinds of invertebrate animals on the ground and 240 kinds of hydrobiont in the zone. And there are 32 kinds of animals under Ⅰ-Class or Ⅱ-Class State Protection including Clouded Leopard, Golden Vulture, and 20 kinds of plants under state-level protection including Tree Ferns and Taxus. There are a variety of biological species and physiognomy.
The Bamboo Sea is the most unique and biggest primitive “Green Bamboo Park” in China with mountains, rivers, Karst caves, lakes, waterfalls and also with man-made scenery formed during the long history. This is the best place for people enjoy nature.
The Green Bamboo Sea of Shunan is special for its bamboo. The green bamboo is all connected together and makes a sound of waves when wind blows. With a birds’-eye-view from a high place, you can see a beautiful green ocean.
There are brooks flowing, waterfalls cascading down, lakes like mirrors and clear springs in the Bamboo Sea. The fresh air and quiet walking tracks make people feel relaxed. People can enjoy all kinds of art crafts made with bamboo root and bamboo slices including bamboo sculpture, bamboo furniture and other skillfully-made bamboo crafts. You can also try the natural food like Bamboo Fungus, Bamboo Shoots, Bean Curd and Smoked Pork with Bamboo Flavor. The Bamboo Sea is a good place to have a vacation and refreshment.

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