Bifeng Gorge Ecological Homestead
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Bifeng Gorge Ecological Homestead
Bifeng Gorge Ecological Homestead

145 km from Chengdu and 15km on the north exit of the Chengdu-Ya’an Expressway, Bifeng Gorge Ecological Homestead locats 16km north on the Ya’an downtown, and is just over one hour’s drive from Chengdu. The Bifeng Gorge Ecological Homestead is composed of the Ecological Scenic Spots, Wildlife Zoo, Giant Panda Base, Mosuo-minority Flavor Garden and Limit Challenging Sports Center.
Bifeng Gorge is named for the verdant woods making the mountain green all year round. The gorge, according to legend, is changed from the patching-sky goddess Nu-wah, and thus all the over 60 scenic spots here are mysteriously concerned with Nu-wah. You can breathe fresh air brewed by the mountains and dells and find aeon-lasting sites of patching up the sky as well as those sagas about love and beauty happening here. The Bifeng Gorge Ecological Homestead stretches around 20 sq meters with a forest cover rate of over 90 percent and has the reputaion of “Lungs of the Land of Abundance ”.  Equity-controlled by Chengdu Wanguan (Group) Inc., the gorge has successively built up inside some facilities and tourist projects, such as the Ecological Scenic Spots, Wildlife Zoo, Limit Challenging Sports Center, Tourist Reception Center, Ecological villas and is named as National Scenic Spot of 4A-level in 2001. The Giant Panda Scientific Research Base( Giant Panda Ecological Garden) funded by the National Department of Forestry settled down at the Bifeng Gorge as well. Bifeng Gorge, the fast growing-up western star of tourism, is attracting nationwide attention for its unique managing mode of “State Resource, Enterprise Development, Operation and Management” and is promoted as the classic version for the global  investment toward the hundred-scenic-spot management rights to base on.  With the harmonious living-together of man and nature, the mixture of sightseeing and holiday spending, hand-in-hand going of cultural digging and sports participation, complementation of traditional projects and special varieties and connection of nature-return to modern enjoyments, the gorge has become a National Demonstrative Ecotourist Spot.  
Situated 16 km on the north of downtown of Ya’an City, the V-shaped Bifeng Gorge is composed of two gorges with the left one 7 km long and the right one 6 km long. The spot is 30 to 70 m wide and 700 to1971m high. The vegetation, gorge sceneries and waterfalls are the typical characteristics of the scenic spot. Inside the gorge the trees are verdant and green, the surrounding peaks and ridges rise and stretch upon one another and the cliffs and gullies are lofty and steep. Sometimes, steep apexes erect loftily to reaching the blue sky. But sometimes, two hills merge closely left only one break of light through. Different sorts of waterfalls make the scenic spots spectacular. All those infinite scenes make the double gorges enchanting. At the valley bottom, the streams rush down and splash the silver color waves to resonate in the valley, making another different artistic state. Weaving your ways along the gorge region on the 1.5-meter-wide flagging pathway, you can appreciate the original “steep, odd, graceful and quiet ” flavour here. There are over 60 scenic spots like Huangnong(Yellow Dragon) Gorge, Tianxian Bridge, Natural Miniascapes, Multi-layer Rock Waterfall, White Dragon Waterfall, Nu-wah Pool and Water Dripping Plank Road built along the cliff. 

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