Giant Panda Nature Preservation Zone in Fengtong Village
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Giant Panda Nature Preservation Zone in Fengtong Village
Giant Panda Nature Preservation Zone in Fengtong Village

The Giant Panda Natural Preservation in Fengtong Village, a National Nature Preservation Zone, situated at the northeast slope on the northern Jiajin Mountainin Baoxing County, Ya’an City, is a ecological nature preservation zone with an area of 40 thousand hectares, mainly in charge of the protection of the rare wild animals, such as giant pandas, and their habitants. The zone with extending mountains, dense forests, and bamboos, springs, waterfalls, steams all over, is the natural paradise of the rare wild lives like giant pandas, golden monkeys,etc.As well as rare foliage like Dove Tree,LianXiang Tree etc. There are 378 kinds of animals, among which there are over 30 kinds of Key Animals under the National Protection, and 1050 kinds of foliage as well.
In the Administrative Office of the preservation zone, there are Scientific Research Showrooms, Breeding, Reproduction and Saving Sites for Animals, to breed giant pandas, lesser pandas, black bears, Malay bears, tragopans, etc. The over-40-hectare half of wild breeding site has giant pandas, lesser pandas and white-lip deer for the tourists to visit and enjoy. Near the Administrative Office, there are also Monkey District in Nanshan Hill, Back Mountainous District, Flying Waterfalls of Dashuigou, Tianxin Rock, Guoba Rock, Snow Peaks, Hot Springs and other scenic spots.
The Dengchigou Catholic Church is the place where the French preacher and biologist David found the giant pandas and introduced them overseas from here in 1869 and thus it has become an important humanistic spot as well.

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