Erlang Mountain Scenic Spots
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Erlang Mountain Scenic Spots
Erlang Mountain Scenic Spots

Situated in Tianquan County, the Province-level Scenic Spot is the coteau of the Qingyi River and Dadu River and the natural geographic boundary. Noted for the long and far spreading famous song Singing Erlang Mountain, the place arouses endless yearning and longing among people. In the spot, tier upon tier of mountains and peak after peak rising and stretching, accompanied with the boundless woods and the quiet and deep gorges, make the Scenic Spot a fantastic tourist attraction. At the top, tourists can view the marvelous spectacle wonders of the Gongga Snow Peak—King of Sichuan Mountains. In the winter, the whole mountain is covered with silver white snow and iced drop can be seen hanging down the braches. At the end of spring and the beginning of summer in Erlang Mountain, azaleas blossoms brightly and colorfully at Tuanniuping, Chahe River and Muyepeng. The Dove Tree flowers look like pigeons flying over the forest. The stone forest at Black Swallow Valley is myriad in variety. The Shigangzi Valley Waterfall and the Nongba Valley Waterfall are dramatically charming and uncommon. The Laba River has kept its original styles and features. Rare animals like Sichuan oryx and sambars have outstanding advantages among the animal species. The Hongling Mountain is lofty and steep. The Lying Buddha Mountain looks like a Buddha sleeping by the side. The natural Buddha statues on the Wanfo Cliff are different from each other. The  Jinding (Golden top)  and Duguang(viewing light) Platform at the Sheshen Cliff, the Wangjing Platform at Xiaoxitian, the Southern Gate of Leiyin(Thunder sound) Temple are all rugged and and cragged, on which you can watch the Cloud Sea, sunrise, sunset and enjoy the spectacle of “the Glittering of both the sun and the moon ”.  The Longmen Gorge at the White Sand River is zigzagged and quiet. The stalactites in the Swallow Cave are vivid in variety with the swarms of mountain swallows flying over. The two pools connect together at Hulu  Water, the huge stalagmites look like spring bamboos pointing to the sky, the three flying waterfalls at the Liangshui Well pile up together, Shuihaizi mirrors the green mountain and the small Yellow Mountain is beautiful in scenery.

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