Origin of Dongba Culture
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Origin of Dongba Culture
Origin of Dongba Culture

The Eya Town of Naxi Nationality is an origin of Dongba Culture. Many domestic and overseas experts, scholars and visitors investigated Eya Town and studied Dongba Culture, and they praised the Dongba Culture of Eya Town Naxi Nationality “is completed retained and belongs to a world exquisite”, “the standing-up of Dongba artists one after anther has significant influence on developing and improving the culture of Naxi. ”
Dongba Culture is a nationality culture existing in Naxi people adopting Dongba Religion (an ancient religion of Naxi) as the carrier, and classics works of Dongba as the main method of recording. Dongba culture is the peak in development of Naxi ancient culture, mainly including Dongba pictograph, Dongba classics, Dongba painting, Dongba music, Dongba dance, Dongba religious vessel and various sacrificing ceremonies.

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