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Hailuo Valley
Hailuo Valley

As we know, nearly all the glaciers on the earth exist in Antarctic region without people living there. The few others, although distributed in any latitude, are mostly in the rather cold and regions of high altitude, where common people are difficult to reach. However, the glacier in Sichuan of China, named Hailuo Valley Glacier, with the lowest height of only 2,850 m above the sea level, even less than the snow line of Gongga Mountain which is 1,850 m, makes it possible for common people to climb up to the glacial which is 2 km wide and 100-300m height here to savor its unique glamour.
The Glacier Forest Park of Hailuo Valley lies in Luding County, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Garze in Sichuan Province, 319 km away from Chengdu, and 49 km away from Kangding. It is famous for the features of the lowest height above sea level compared with the same latitude in the world, the most powerful activity and the most completed ground form, even better than Alaska Glacier Park of high height above sea level in America and Knook Glacier Park in Canada. Hailuo Valley Glacier is considered as the modern maritime glacier by geologists. It is the largest glacier among Gongga Mountain, 14.2 km in length, and 6 km in the end of which falls into the forest, forming the rare scenes combined with glaciers and virgin forest as well.
In the east of peak spine line of Gongga Mountain, upright stand the precipitous high mountains and gorges, and the terrain here rises and falls obviously. Dadu River roars and pours in the narrow valley and deep water, and the cliffs stand like a wall. With the horizontal distance less than 30 km but the vertical distance up to more than 6,500 m, an uncommon great valley take its shape here. However, Conch Ditch is just located in the great valley. Here with varied landform, the climate under the mountain is suitable enough through out the whole year; the average temperature of the whole year is about 15℃. The top of the mountain is covered by snow all the year around, in an average temperature about 9℃.
Put yourself in the midst of the glacier, you can not but admire the superb craftsmanship of the nature in each minute. The main scenic spots include: the old and mysterious virgin forest, the kingdom of various animals, " Conch's Cuckoo " well-known both at home and abroad, colorful waterfalls, hot springs, dreamful Emerald Lake, " love between conch tree and stone ", " mythical world " under the Pomo Mountain, magnificent and incomparable "Sunshine on Golden Mountain", the mysterious " Glacier of Luhai Glacier ", "The Great Icing Waterfalls" that hung from above, etc. It is the picture scroll handed by Gongga Mountain “the Head of Mountains in Sichuan”, the treasure of tourism in Kanba Plateau, and the glistening colorful pearl in China.

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