The Country with Thousands of Pillboxes – Danba
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The Country with Thousands of Pillboxes – Danba

The Country with Thousands of Pillboxes – Danba

"The Country with Thousands of Pillboxes ", Danba County lies in the east of Ganzi Prefecture, called “Zhang Valley “in old times. It is the east gate of Ganzi Prefecture, in the joint of two major travel loop lines of the west part of Sichuan. Not only assembling Bayankala Mountain rang and Qionglai Mountain range together, but also gathering Geshizha River, Yak River and both of the two Jin Rivers to Dadu River, Danba county regarded  as " the first town on the side of Dadu River".
Because the amount of ancient watchtower here, Danba County is also called " the country with thousands of pillboxes”, and because here produces beauties, it is also called “the beauty valley ". Here are the sites of ancient mankind activities 5,000 years ago, and here has completely kept the life customs of Jiarong Tibetan, and here has the scenic spots of The Fist Living Village, scenery gallery, Yak's ditch, and magical Mo’erduo Mountain and Dangling Mountain.
The Various large-scaled ancient watchtowers which were built between Tang and Song Dynasty are the masterpiece of Jiarong Tibetan. It has existed for more than thousand years, full of values of high aesthetics, sociology, history and national culture. The watchtowers were mainly situated on two sides of the valley, especially in Suo Slope and the territory of two townships. The ancient watchtowers are intact, well combined with local village houses. They are beautiful in shapes, and solid in structure. Most of them are in four angles, or six angles, even as many as 13 angles and are made of earth and stone. Through the ages, the ancient watchtower, has suffered from wars, winds and rains, and earthquakes, are still standing towering like a mountain, some of which are crooked bend, but have the scenery of its own.

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