Yading, Daocheng
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Yading, Daocheng
Yading, Daocheng

Yading was first discovered by Joseph Rock, an American missionary. In 1928, Rock started from Lijiang in Yunnan, reached Yading by way of Muli County in Sichuan, visited around the three holy Snow-covered Mountains, and delivered the photos he had taken to the magazine “National Geographic”, which caused a huge reactions in America. The novel of English author James Hilton “Lost Horizon”, which introduced Shangri-la into people’s memory and imagination, was just created according to the picture taken here. In 1996, experts confirmed that, the Shangri-la where Rock arrived was Yading. The small city in the southwest of Sichuan becomes a holy land for domestic and foreign backpackers and is regarded as “the last Shangri-la”.
Yading Natural Reserve lies in Riwa Village in south Daocheng County, Ganzi Prefecture. The scenic spot has an elevation of 2,900 m (the river mouth of Gongga) to 6,032 m (Xiannairi Peak), covers the area of 56,000 hm². The spot is composed mainly of three snow peaks, the Xiannairi Snow Peak, Yangmaiyong Snow Peak and Xianuoduoji Snow Peak and stretches from north to south. Because of the special geographical environment and natural climate, the scenic spot has formed unique landform and natural landscape, which is the best-preserved natural ecosystem in our country.
The head peak of Xiannairi Peak, namely Kwan-yin Bodhisattva in Tibetan language, with the height of 6,032 m above sea level, is the fifth highest peak in Sichuan Province. The south peak of Yangmaiyong Peak, namely Wenshu Bodhisattva in Tibetan language, has a height of 5,958 m above sea level. The east peak of Xianuoduoji Peak, namely Jingang Bodhisattva in Tibetan language, with a height of 5,978 m above sea level, is said to be given the name by the fifth Dalai Lama named Ahwangluosangjiacuo. The three snow-covered mountains are not far from each other, which shape a triangular. They are called “Ri Song Gong Bu” by Tibetan Buddhists, meaning the three sacred mountains. The three peaks are covered by deep snows all year round, so pure and bright.
The snow peaks are mixed with the glaciers, on which the luxuriant forest is growing. Many springs and waterfalls are here in the forest. In the foot of the peaks, there is luxuriant grassland with lakes between the valleys. Peaks, glacier, forest, brook, waterfall, grassy marshland, and lake mixed together with wild animal appearing in, holds out the quiet pure land to the world.
Combining with holy lakes, the three peaks are so well-known in Tibetan area that they are regarded the holy land of pilgrims. It is boasts of both the mysterious religion culture and its natural sight views.

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