Jiuzhaigou Valley - A Fairy Land
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Jiuzhaigou Valley - A Fairy Land
Jiuzhaigou Valley - A Fairy Land

In Jiuzhaigou Valley, all kinds of scenic spots cover the area of 1,695 km2 (Not including Baohua and Heihe scenic spot), accounting for 32 persent of the whole County. With the characteristics of “dangerous", “elegant”, “grand”, “unusual” and primitive and wild interesting, it is a rare scenic spot, which cannot be found easily. Because Jiuzhaigou Valley is mainly in plateau and valley area with a good natural entironment, it owns not only the State-level Scenic Spot of Jiuzhaigou Valley which gains the international laurels as “World Natural Heritage”, “World Network of Man and Biosphere Reserve” and “Green Globe 21”, but also including State-level Forest Garden of Jiuzhai, (Gan Lake scenery spot and Shenxian Pool scenery spot), Golden Monkey Preservation Zone in Baihe, Giant Panda Reservation in Wujiao, Jiawu Lake, Red Leaves Scenic Spot, Lamashi Valley, and Cuckoo Mountain, etc. By more than twenty years’ transformation in the guide of “exploring under protection, scientific using and standard constructing”, Jiuzhaigou Valley develops in a fast speed, at present, the tourism system has been formed, which concentrate eating, accommodation, traveling, shopping, and amusement together with a good comprehensive reception capacity, and many elaborate traveling routes have been explored, which mainly stress on the natural ecology and traditional customs of minorities.
Regarded as the Fairy Land and the Wonderful Land, Jiuzhaigou Valley situates in the upriver of Baishui River in the middle and south part of Jiuzhai Gou County, and the north root of Ga’erna Peak in Min Mount. Jiuzhaigou Valley is called “Zhong Yang Dong” in old days, and also named “Cui Hai” for its green color. It is a branch ditch of the headstream Jialing River in Yangtze River water system, with the altitude height of 2,000-4,300 m, covers the core area of 720 km2. And preserve area of 600 km2 around. To east, it is close to Pingwu County in Mianyang City, and to southwest, it is continuous with Songpan County with the whole length of 59 km and 19 km in width. To south, it is more than 400 km away from the capital city of Chengdu, and with the landform of high mountains and deep valley and carbonate barrier lakes, it is more than 80 km in length. Because the suitable weather in four seasons and beautiful sights, Jiuzhaigou Valley has became the preferential project in the tourism development of Sichuan Province, one of the five tourist elaborate works in Sichuan Province, the representatives of Pan-Jiuzhai tourist zone and also the best choice for traveling in natural scenic spots in the world.
The scenic spot is a narrow and deep ditch valley with the forest-covered area of 60,000 hm². inside. The main ditch is named Shuzheng, expanding from the north to the south. With the length of 31.6 km from the mouth of Shuzheng Ditch to Changhai, Shuzheng Ditch has six branches on both sides, inside which there are twelve snow peaks. From the mouth to the inside of the ditch, the altitude height rises from 2,000m to 4,000 m, as the highest peak named Ga’erna Peak up to 4,760 m.
If we say there is really a fairyland, it is Jiuzhaigou Valley. It is the masterpiece of the great nature with green and lovely mountains and transparently clear and limpid water. Here, the mountains, the waters and forests of trees merge into one. The mountains lean close to the rivers, while the water circles the mountains; trees grow fast on the bank of rivers, while the water floats among the groups of trees. Jiuzhaigou Valley is a beauty synthesis mixed with the beauty of color, the beauty of shape, the beauty of sound, and the beauty of originality, which can naturally be the peak of human scenery esthetics.
The State-level Scenic Spot of Jiuzhaigou Valley mainly contents six scenery areas, namely Baojing Rock scenery area, Shuzheng scenery area, Nuorilang scenery area, Jianyan scenery area, Changhai scenery area, and Zharu scenery area. Between each scenery spot, there are long plank roads, which built along the cliff, crossing bridges, and simple and unsophisticated villages, which are obviously different in types, all of which make visitors into a fairyland. In sunshine spring, each of Jiuzhaigou Valley’s scenery spot is decorated by various colors; while in hot summer, Jiuzhaigou Valley is full of vigorous vitality in the density forests of green trees; in harvest autumn, it become a bright-colored world with red leaves all over the vast ground; in cold winter, thick snows cover the wide place, making everything here into white. The sight views are definitely different in four seasons, and the most charming one is in golden autumn.

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