“Abode of Fairy Mother Goddess on Earth” – Huanglong
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“Abode of Fairy Mother Goddess on Earth” – Huanglong
 “Abode of Fairy Mother Goddess on Earth” – Huanglong

Located in the northeast rim of Aba Prefecture, the northeast side of the main peak of Min Mount named Xuebao Ding Mount, the scenic spot of Huanglong is 56 km away from the east part of Songpan County. When you ramble over the glacier relic site of 30,000 years ago, it seems as a fantasy dream to search dragon’s hometown, dragon’s history, and the legend of dragon. It is full of the records of vital development, and accumulated with anthems here, as if a huge dragon lies supinely in the lake.  
The scenic spot of Huanglong can be called as the Abode of Fairy Mother Goddess on Earth, regarded as “the Most Perfection over the Whole World”. With the elegant natural scenes, Huanglong was listed in Record of World Natural Heritage in 1992, arranged in World Network of Man and Biosphere Reserve in 2000, and gained the laurel of “Green Globe 21” in 2002, which is appraised to be “the masterwork in the world and the 4A Scenic Spot in State-level”. The scenic spot of Huanglong is a synthesis of sightseeing composed by the focus scenery of the large-scale, unique and mysterious open-air karst landscape, the content of precipitous and wonderful plateau natural scenery, and the characteristic of the gorgeous national styles. The scenic spot is famous both at home and abroad for the five characteristics of its natural sceneries, namely as wonderful as Huanglong Ditch, as powerful as Xuebao Ding Mount, as strong as Xueshan Liang, as high as Danyun Gorge, and as wild as Mouni Ditch.
There are seven scenery areas here, as Huanglong Ditch scenery area, Danyun Gorge scenery area, Xueshan Liang scenery area, Xuebao Ding scenery area, Mouni Ditch scenery area, Hongxing Rock scenery area, and Dishui scenery area, with the total area of more than 700 km².
Huanglong lies in Min Mount in the Northwest Plateau in Sichuan, because the mountain here looks like a dragon, so called it “Hidden Dragon Mount". With the length of 3.6 km, the width of 30-170 m, the comparative difference in height up to more than 400 m, the scenery area has the landform formed by the ancient glacier through long-term accumulating by calc-sinter. Thereby, the whole valley is covered by light yellow calcium carbonate compounds, as if scales of dragon, which bring up the unique open-air marvelous spectacle of karsts.
The most charming scenery is the various color of the water in lakes. The water in some lakes appears different colors from here to there in each, like a colorful picture full with red, green, black, etc. While, some lakes are whole in one color, such as pure as jade, as red as agate, as green as emerald, and as white as ivory. Water with the same origin appears different colors between lakes, such as the upside lake colors light yellow, while the downside lake appears lemon when the water pours in, and if the left lake colors mauve, while the right lake appears olive green. Flowing gully and Cliffside springs can be seen at all places, as if crystal shades hung on the stalactite cliffs with thousands silver threads and bright pearls weeping down. Watching in distance, there are the blue sky, white clouds, Snow Mountains, and ice peaks, which are seems unreal to see. “Xianren Road” is another sight views with verdant trees on the two sides, which means the road past only by celestial beings. Through the ages, many literators and poets had left their tracks here in terms of famous poems and precious epigraphs for the beautiful sights. And among the numerous poems and epigraphs, the most briefly one for Huanglong is said as” the density forest on the mountains seems as a green screen up to sky, and on the foot of the mountain, there is a pathway with dark green pines on both sides, as if to greet the white snows on the mountain; while looking to the lakes, as if the ground is paved by golden sand, and the water is floating in thousand green waves in the lakes.”
Huanglong Ditch starts from Fuyuan Bridge long the valley to Wangxiang Platform on the foot of Yucui Mount, and concentrates the essential part of the open-air karsts sight views. In the Ditch, colorful lakes and pools are over here and there, large waterfalls rush down from up high cliffs, mosses and other various plants are growing flourishingly. This sect can be divided into three parts as upside, middle-part, and downside. The downside part of Huanglong Ditch is from Fuyuan Bridge to Xishen Waterfall, with the area of 0.3 km2. At the elevation height is 3,199-3,216 m. The key sceneries in this part are mainly as Xihua Pool, and three waterfalls named Liuhui, Xieyin, and Xishen, in additional, there is a cave named Xishen Cave behind Xishen Waterfall. The middle part of Huanglong Ditch as the key part to represent the whole scenery area starts from Xishen Waterfall up to Jiexian Bridge, with the area of 0.6 km2. at the height of 3,275-3,453 m above see level, including large-scale groups of colorful pools, such as Penjing, Mingjing, Dujuan, Liufang, and Zhengyan five large groups, especially the Zhengyan Pool as the most beautiful one. Besides, the largest calc-sinter stream called Jinsha Beach lies in here, additional with two rivers named Liujin and Manyin, and three bridges named Youqu, Xuyun and Jiexian. The upside part of Huanglong is from Jiexian Bridge to Wangxiang Platform, with the area of 0.6 km2 at the height of 3,453-3,858 m above see level. It exhibits the main sceneries of a large-scaled group of colorful pool named Yuyu Pool and Huanglong Gu Temple as the end of the whole scenery area. In addition, there are Mati Lake, Boji Lake, two caves named Huanglong and Shishan, and vast cuckoo woods. Yuyu Pool is composed with colorful pools more than 400, which is the largest scale in Huanglong scenic spot.

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