The queen of Sichuan’s Mountains - The national scenic Resort Siguniang Mountain
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The queen of Sichuan’s Mountains - The national scenic Resort Siguniang Mountain
The queen of Sichuan’s Mountains - The national scenic Resort Siguniang Mountain

Siguniang Mountain lies at the juncture of Xiaojin County and Wenchuan County. It is at the Rilong town of Xiaojing county of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous prefecture. It is 220 km away from Chengdu. It is listed as the National important scenic resort in 1994 with an area of 450 km2. It was listed as the National Natural Reserve in 1996 with an area of 1,375.85 km2, including the Jiajing Mountain and other places. It was ranked as the National 4A Scenic Resort in 2001.
Siguniang Mountain Scenic Resort consists of one level ground (Guochuang level Ground), two mountains (Balang Mountain and Sihuniang Mountain), and three gullies (Shuangqiao gully, Changping Gully and Haizi Gully) .In the middle of the scenic resort is Siguliang Mountain, with Haizi Gully (19 km long). In the middle Changping Gully is 42 km. long. In the west, Shuanqiao Gully is 42 km long.
The position superiority of Siguniang Mountain Scenic Resort is very clear. It is between the Wolong and Baoxing Giant Panda Reserves and it is the high sightseeing place on the two Giant Panda ecological reserve, which is the key position of ”Sichuan Golden Tourist Circle Route” and “West Sichuan Ecological Tourist Circle Route”. Siguniang Mountain is the biggest National Scenic Resort in China, which also the closest from the central city, and. Such a special position has the superiority in the tourism and developing. This scenery is also a multiple scenic resort in which you can do mountaineering, skiing, and sightseeing, take a photograph, paint, and scientific research. At present the Bipeng Ditch (in the Lixian county) leading to the Changping Gully has become the destination of the hikers. These gullies are over tens km northward to tens km southward, which go through high mountains and deep valleys. In the special clear and blue sky in the plateau, it is very wonderful scenery with the scene of white snow, strange peaks and trees, waterfall and flying spring, grass lawn and flowing screams.

Balang Mountain
The altitude of Siguniang Mountain is 5,040 m. Lifting your eyes, you can see strange peaks projecting, repeating ridges and peaks, jagged cliffs. Along the mountain grass lawn, groups of cows and sheep enjoy themselves, like as a huge carpet covered the mountains.
Between blue sky and white clouds, boundless clouds sea floats halfway up the mountains, which divide the vigorous and firm range into two parts. Above it is the mountain grass lawns with the wild flowers and below it is the mysterious, quiet and deep forest. The ways up and down the Balang Mountain and its pass are over 4,000 m above the sea level. The mountain is high and slope is steep, but its scenery is very beautiful: a sea of white clouds, a large rambling snow mountain, and a roll of meadow. Boundless scenery is on the dangerous peak. Over the Balang Mountain, the path winds along mountain ridges. You can see the morning sunlight and evening sun gloomy, and boundless mists and clouds.

Siguniang Mountain
Siguniang Mountain consists of four snow peaks, rising at 6,250 m above the sea level. The other three snow peaks are 5,664 m, 5,454 m and 5,355 m above sea level respectively. Siguniang Mountain is the high peak of the Qionglai Mount Range and also one of the highest peaks on the east part on Qinghai - Tibet Plateau. Its sea level is the secondary to the king of Sichuan—Gongga Mountain of 7,556 km high, so it is honored as the Queen of Sichuan Mountains and East Sacred Mountain. Since opening to the foreign countries from the fall of 1980, the mountaineering teams from more than ten countries and regions as America, Japan, Holland, Nepal, Swiss, Italy, and UK have come here.
Mount Siguning ‘s the main peak standing in deep gullies of champing and Haizi, has knife edged rock, roaring into the blue sky, covered with snow and ice, silver looking at the light. The scene is so charming. The south-north gully is 10 km deep through the gully. Here the sky is clear and blue looking like in the plateau. It is very wonderful scenery that the scene of white snow, flying waterfall and flowing spring, strange peaks and green grass lawn and flowing streams.
Mount Siguniang is mysterious and beautiful place. Its mountains and waters are all so primitive and simple, quiet and mysterious. In spring, hundreds of flowers are blossoming. In summer the grasses and trees are green and flourishing. In autumn, the colors are very rich; in winter the white snow is everywhere. The huge glacier is of great momentum, down to the high mountain grass lawn of more than 4,000 m above sea level. During blossoming summer, the white streams still cross as a dream and mystery. The charm of the four seasons is different and beautiful. The rising and falling of the sun varies thousands of kinds. Mount Siguniang is known for its grand, tall and straight, gazed by mountaineers of all the countries. The thick forests and green grasses, the continuing flowing stream is like beautiful south-Europe scenery. It is called “the Alps in China”. Here due to the special weather condition, the clear perpendicular height, this land is affluent in resources of animals and plants. It is neighbored with Wolong Natural Reserve as protecting Giant pandas and Miyaluo red leaves scenery. 

Shuangqiao Valley
Shuangqiao Valley is 34.8 km long, with an area of 216.6 km2. The scenic zone is divided into three parts, has developed 20 scenic spots. The low part of the Shuangqiao Valley is Yangliu Bridge. The scenery consists of Yinyang valley, white poplar trees, Sun and Moon magical mirror Mountain and Five Colors Mountain and so on. Middle part is the Pengyuba, with the scenic spots of ginseng fruit ping, shajiling, jianzishan, jiujiahai. The above parts are the Niupengzi grass lawn and Changhetan with the scenic spots of apishan, hunting peak, colorful hongsong, niupengzi and Changheba.
Of them the cliffs of Guyuan peak, hunting peak, yinzhui cliff, jingjilin carved by the nature, acclaim as the acme of perfection. The strange mountains and beautiful peaks of five colorful mountains, Half moon peak, Shexinyan, Jueqingu with mysterious tales shows the unique intelligence. In the valley there are continuous mountains but all different. The flying waterfalls and flowing springs add more beautiful scenic to this area. Shuangqiao valley is the most central scenery spot, which is also the most charming scene area in Siguniang Mountain, which can be on a par with Alps and Swiss mountain scene.
Shuangqiao Valley is not only a fairy place with the beautiful scene and primitive simple, but also the good place for mountaineering, lambing, skiing, sightseeing, vacation, taking photograph, painting, and scientific research.

Haizi Gully
Haizi Gully is 19.2 km long, with an area of 126.48 km2. In the gully, there are more than ten different shapes of lakes like Huahaizi, Dahaizi and Huqihai. Of them the Huahaizi and Dahaizi are the largest and most beautiful. There are many lakes in the valley; the water is colorful and clear to the bottom. With light wind, thousands of green waves and sparkling and crystal-clear, blue sky and white clouds put themselves into the small sea on the plateau. The scenery of the mountains around it clearly reflected in the seawater, composed and pleased. There are remote antiquity non-scale fish here .It becomes the living fossil to study this place. In the forest there are many rare animals such as tokens, snow leopards, gold vultures, musk deer, white-mouth deer, lynx, the groups of wild ducks, mandarin ducks, and non-scale fish are sporting in the lake water, which can lead people to consider the intelligence of these seas. Meanwhile, Haizi Gully is also the only one way to go to Siguniang Mountain. For the mountaineering hobbies

Changping Gully
Changping Gully is 29 km long with the area of about 100 km2. The gully is very long and flat. Siguniang Mountain lies on the place of 16 km .In the Changping gully, there are quiet way in the ancient cypress, Lama temple, ganhaizi, tens of flying waterfalls and strange stones .In Spring, flowers blossom together with rape flowers. In autumn, red birch match their colors with red maple. The cypresses and pines for a long time are green and luxuriant, flying waterfall and flowing springs sounding in these forests, the ancient road goes through the deep forest.

Gozhuangping lies between changping Gully and Haizi Gully with an area of 1 km2, like natural stage. At the pilgrimage meeting May fourth of the lunar calendar every year, old and young,men and women of Tibet, Qiang, Hui and Han Nationality come here hold grand meeting for seven days. Hold the memorial ceremony for the Siguniang god and other celebrating activities, after that burn the campfire, dancing the Guozhuangwu. And then send off the god with a white horse into the mountain to the Siguniang.

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