Wolong Giant Panda Natural Reserve
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Wolong Giant Panda Natural Reserve
Wolong Giant Panda Natural Reserve

National Natural Reserve - Wolong, situated in Weichuan county, Aba Tibet and Qiang autonomous prefecture. It is 134 km away from Chengdu and neighbors city of Dujiangyan. Across the reserve there are Wolong and Genda villages, 52 km long from east to west and 62 km wide from south to north, the whole area is 200,000 hm². It is one of the China earliest natural reverses, which is rated the preservation zones network of “mankind and living beings” by the Organization of Education, Science and Culture of United Nations.
In the reserve, there are thousands of ridges and peaks, covered with clouds and fogs. The virgin forest, second bush forest and bamboo groves are very green. There are over 4,000 kinds of high-level plants, 24 kinds of them are valuable plants, such as Gongtong, red China fir, Lianxiang and so on. There are more than 450 kinds of vertebras, 45 kinds of them are rated national focal preserved animals, such as giant panda, golden monkeys, antelopes, white-mouth deer etc. In this reserve there are 80 giant pandas, about 10 percent of the total number all over China, so Wolong is well known for its “the country of pandas”, precious storage of organism gene”. The natural beautiful scene is quiet and secluded. If you go sightseeing here, you can see continuous snow peaks, original forest, mountain grass lawn, scream water and stone beaches, strange flowers and grasses, all kinds of flowing springs and flying falls, red leaves of the whole mountains in autumn, the giant pandas walking under the trees, the golden monkeys jumping in the trees, the singing birds in the forests, as well as rising sun on the mountains, Balang clouds sea, mountains covered by fogs and the weather scene watching four seasons on one mountain different weathers 5 km away.

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