Taoping Qiang Village
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Taoping Qiang Village
Taoping Qiang Village

Taoping Qiang Village lies at taoping country on the bank of zagunao River in Li County, 41 km away from the county and 163 km away from Chengdu.
Taoping Qiang Village is the living fossil of perfectly preserved Qiang building culture and art in the world. It is also a original Qiang village with old customs. It is recorded by history: the village was built in 111 BC. With the history of over 2,000 years, the building looks like the eight diagrams, well-knit structure, room jointed room as one. If you stand at the other side of the river, you can feel deep flavor of it and fill lovely respect.
Taoping Qiang Village is at the foot of a mountain and beside a river. Living soil and rich water, the greatness of a man lends glory to a place. The zagunao river of Mingjiang river branch flows in front of the village. In the village, there are two nine-story stone forts, against the fire platform of the other side of the river. The houses of Qiang people are built on the foot of the mountain slope with stones. The ancient people built the underground drains through the house of the village, so that it is convenient for the people to drink and wipe the fire. If you walk in the village you can hear the sounds of water under ground. Into the village, thousand of high and big walls stand under the blue sky and white clouds; they support the village which in the wall. The village has the buildings with stone fort and local-styles dwelling houses. The building with stone spades and yellow soil are perfect through the numbers of earthquakes. The lanes between the walls are deep and mysterious. On the lane built some houses, so there are a lot of underpays. If you walk in them, you must feel walk into the maze of history.

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