Miyaluo Maple Leaf Scenic Zone
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Miyaluo Maple Leaf Scenic Zone
Miyaluo Maple Leaf Scenic Zone

Miyaluo Maple Leaf Scenic Zone is located in the Li County, Aba Prefecture, and lies in the valley of Zagunao River, a tributary of the Min River, right in the middle of Chengdu-Jiuzhai-Huanglong travel route, 263 km away from Chengdu. In 1995, it was included in the list of provincial scenic zones at the approval of People’s Government of Sichuan Province. In 1998, it was included in the “China Biosphere Reserve Network”. In 1999, it was granted by the China Committee of UN Man and Biosphere Reserve Network as the“Miyaluo Man and Biosphere Reserve Network Chinese member”.       
“Miyaluo”is Titetan meaning “funny dam”. It lies in the valley of of Zagunao River, a tributary of the Min River. “Zagunao” means “auspicious” in Tibetan. The continuous mountain ranges and flowing rivers constitute pleasant scenery. Especially when autumn breeze begins to blow, the leaves of maple trees, acre pomatum, birch trees and larch, will successively turn to the brilliant color of crimson and golden after frost. At this time, the whole mountain seems to turn red and layers of forests seem to get dyed. 3,000 km2 of red leaves are in full blossom like flowers in spring. Landscapes and forms a magnificent view.
Each of the Miyaluo’s seasons-winter, spring and summer-has its own charm: A winter snow makes a purely white world of Miyaluo. People can have great fun by piling up a snowman or throwing snowballs. Sometimes it snows early spring. White snow reflecting wild flowers on the mountain looks especially beautiful. Gradually, trees on the mountain begin to turn green and when the trees look even more verdant and cool summer has arrived, making Miyaluo paradise as a summer resort.
In the middle of Red Leaves there live the Tibetan people and the Qiang Dynasty. The simple folk customs and culture, ancient magnificent stone villages and forts, Qiang people’s sheepskin gown, Tibetan Coral Belt, special food and architecture of the two nationalities, magnificent costume, strong and cheerful “Guozhuang” Dance all form a huge corridor of Tibetan and Qiang People’s customs and culture.   

Miyaluo ski resort
The ski resort lies in the Miyaluo Scenic Zone and is 2,800~3,400 m above sea level. The annual ski period lasts 5 months (October to March next year). You can appreciate the wonderful view of Miyaluo in autumn from the ski ground and the infinite plateau pasture. You can feel the glamour of the snow in Mt. Zhegu and the charm of its winter. You can also experience different culture and customs of minorities in Northeastern Sichuan Plateau. You can also have a taste of the magic hot spring in Gu’er gully.      

Octagonal Pillbox Tibetan Stockaded Village
Octagonal Pillbox Tibetan Stockaded Village lies beside 317 State Highway and is 1 km away from Miyaluo Town, 28 km away from Gu’er gully. Since it’s opening up to tourists in 1999, the village has become an excellent model of numerous Tibetan Stockaded Village in the Miyaluo area. The village is surrounded by green hills on three sides and a crook runs through it. The graceful environment is surrounded by snow-covered mountain, forests and red leaves. The settlement for Jiarong Tibetan is a role model of Jiarong Tibetan Traditional Custom. In the village there used to be the only Octagonal Stone Pillbox of Li County, which was over 30 m high. The village is name after this pillbox. But the stone pillbox was afterwards destroyed in battles. At present there are 39 Jiarong Tibetan households and 296 people in this village. Every pillbox storey is a household. The pillbox storey is built up by stone slices and looks quite special. In front of the house there hangs a sultra flag fluttering in the wind. Roads among houses are winding and zigzagging because of the irregular arrangement of houses. Around the village are fertile farm lands. You can see flocks of ox and sheep leisurely grazing in troughs with plenty of water and lush grass. The tourist projects already developed include living in a Tibetan family, eating Tibetan food, watching Tibetan singing and dancing, watching Tibetan drama and costume show and so on. Every year the village celebrates the Ruomuniu Festival during which people all get together around a raging bonfire, eating beef directly by hands, drinking Qingke Wine, singing folk songs, dancing Guozhuang Dance and so on. The atmosphere is hot but solemn. Sometimes people celebrate the festival for the whole night.  

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