Strategic Pass in Eastern Sichuan - Baozhen Fort
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Strategic Pass in Eastern Sichuan - Baozhen Fort
Strategic Pass in Eastern Sichuan - Baozhen Fort

Baozhen Fort stands 200 m west from Fangjiagou Village, Nonglin Town, occupies an area of 26,000 m². It is a cultural relic enjoying provincial level protection. Baozhen Fort Scenery District is mainly composed of Baozhen Fort, Manor of Duan Family, block tower, guns and weapons manufacturing workshop, Wang Tower, Hui Tower, Play Tower, subway, blockhouse, stockaded village gate, three layers defending wall and over 20 small corresponding forts near Baozhen Fort. The fort gives prominence to immanent geographic character of stockaded village around the ancient town, combines military recovery system and traditional compound with houses around a square courtyard timberwork construction, and forms a circle recovery system of battlements which is entirely obturated with functions of inhabitation, leisure, entertainment, fire control and so on. Meanwhile, Baozhen Fort also embodies the construction style of round city in southern Fujian, presents typical architectural and cultural feature in last years of Qing Dynasty. The fort is kept intact, and considered as a military fort with a reputation of “infrequence in China, top one in Sichuan Province”. It is a typical construction with profound historical and cultural formation and unique, special features of ancient military forts, so that attract numerous tourists visit.
Baozhen Fort is on a high and narrow place in simple hill in terms of physiognomy. It is easy for defense but hard for Inbreak. Overlooking from the fort, people will have a clear view ranging thousands meters around it.
In the construction of this port, it is composed of three groups: the first one is stone structure for recovery and nicking defence works which may be built making use of the topographical conditions; the defence works include fort wall and battlement, fort wall is 2.5 m in height and width, and battlement is 2 m in height, 0.5 m for thickness extending near 2,000 m; guarders on the fort wall can go around along the wall with benefit for moving fight. Besides battlement buttresses, there are shooting holes cut for special use according to its control points on each section of the battlement. The size, form and density of shooting holes are different in terms of various shooting targets. Following research status, shooting holes are classified into three types, they are front shooting, target shoot in angle of 45 and downward direct shooting; and as to the standard of forms, the holes are in shape of square, oblong and special form.
Excavate along the fort wall to build lavatories in reasonable layout. These lavatories not only provide places for guarders relieving their bowels, but also can be used as shooting holes. Outside the lavatories stoppers, stone urns are set up for store with dejections with the purpose of keeping the environment clean. Another benefit of it is that people can apply dejections as fertilizer in land.
The tip of fort wall adopts traditional timbers for roof, which can keep rain out and is better for doing battles. Linking up timber frames with constructions inside of the fort, it forms a particular net for defence and fights.

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