Zhongfeng Cave
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Zhongfeng Cave
Zhongfeng Cave

Located in Liujiaba of Nuoshuihe Town, the Zhongfeng Cave is the largest karsts cave developed for tourism in China. It is divided into 3 layers and covers a space up to 600,000㎡ with a total length of 15 km. The explored area measures 300,000㎡, including 12 scenic spots, 36 minor caves, 72 mazes, and was regarded by Zhu Xuewen , the chairman of  Karsts Carve Association of China as the “ The first cave on the earth”.
Relief is quite complicated in this cave with densely distributed underground water and winding ways zigzagging to the deep. It can only let one person pass in its narrowest part while the widest section can hold 3 cars side by side. The halls are also varied in size: the smallest one can provide a resting place to several hundred people; the largest one is capable for more than ten thousand tourists at the same time. Illuminated, its gallery of stalactites, stalagmites, huge stone slabs and pillars are given fancy names such as the “palace lantern”, “stone violin”, “valance”, “mural”.  The 5 “Gardens” in the cave are also interesting, where there are a 100-meter wide glacier of stalactites, “a forest of white jade towers”, “Fertile Lands”, “Green Bamboo Forest”, “ Vineyard”, “and Golden Beach”, etc. The extraordinary views in the cave Zhongfeng is said to match the elegance of Mount Emei, the tranquility of Qingcheng Mountain, the magnificence of Jianman, and the dangerousness of Kuimen.
Those interweaving caves create a fantastic land with the characters of grandness, dangerousness, oddness, quiet, and deepness. The visitors will be attracted by these bizarre spectacles as well as by the legend of Daba Mountain. The 1,600 m long “ Subway”, the 10 thousand-square-meter long “Boating in the Cave Sea”, the thousand-meter long “ Plank Way in Cave”, and the 8,000 ㎡ long “Buddha Light in The Fairyland” compose the Four Excellent Scenes in the Cave.

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